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So you are on a night out, having a whale of a time, and you start talking to this hot girl. She seems interested in you and you?re thinking, ?I am getting laid, no doubt.? Then suddenly bad logistics shows it?s big ugly face. Before you know what?s going on, BOOM, game over son.

Logistics is one of the biggest causes of an interaction going sour right at crunch time. The best way to avoid a bad logistical situation is to take a proactive attitude, and be prepared for whatever situation the night may throw at you.

Let?s take a look at some of the most common logistical ?gotchas,? you may encounter, and how to successfully prepare for, or avoid them.

Not Having Any Condoms

I know this sounds like something you would think everyone would make sure they covered. However it?s surprising how many guys forget to take condoms with them on a night-out. If you are just about to get your thang on, in bed with a girl, and you realize that you have no condoms then you are shit out of luck. Don?t let this happen to you. Always keep two condoms in your wallet. One primary, one backup chute. Simple as that.

Being Too Drunk

Try not to get too drunk because this will affect your observation and decision making abilities, and may cause you to everything at the last minute. Also, being too drunk around girls is not attractive. If you have charmed the girl early on (before you got drunk) then you decided to get absolutely slaughtered, she may decide to change her mind about you.

I don?t usually drink myself. But having a few drinks is fine in my book, whatever floats your boat. At the end of the day your first priority is to have the best time possible. Exercise restraint, and don?t go OTT, and you should be fine.

Not Having Anywhere to Take Her

Surprisingly, most girls don?t want to have sex in an alley. They obviously don?t know what they are missing, but go figure. Seriously though, having a game-plan, and somewhere to take a girl is a must. The ideal solution is being able to take her back to your place. This is the simplest option and you know that it?s a sure thing, cos you control the environment completely.

There are always alternatives…

If your place is not possible then consider the option of taking her back to hers. Though you don?t want to rely on this as it may not be possible for whatever reason (parents, room-mate, even kids, whatever).

Also, consider taking her to a hotel. Yeah it might cost a bit, but you can always go twos on it. Have a couple of hotels in mind so that you know where they are and have a few options should any be fully booked with random people hooking up that night.

Then, there?s your car. If you?re really struggling. It won?t be comfortable, but it will get the job done.

Not Having a Way of Getting Both You and Her Somewhere for Sex

If you have not got a method of transport then again you can a girl right at the last second. To overcome this you could arrange a lift by a friend or sibling. This is the best option as you can ring and arrange it at the most convenient time for you.

Then there is the option of a taxi. You could either book a taxi or keep a taxi firms number on your phone so that the option is always available.

If you?ve got a friend who lives c enough to walk then ask if you can stay over that night. Be careful, make sure the walk isn?t too long or you?ll have your work cut out for you in terms of maintaining the sexual tension and chemistry between the two of you. It?s possible, but why put yourself through extra effort when you don?t have to right?

Always consider all the options. No lift? No taxis? What about the bus? Or the subway? Is someone else from the club you are in going the same way as you, maybe one of her friends? Can you sweet-talk them into giving the two of you a lift in exchange for a favor? Keep your mind open and always look for solutions. They are always there.

Not Having Enough Money on You

Won?t look very attractive to the girl if you suggest sharing a cab but not sharing the bill because you have spent all your money on alcohol and lap dances.

Some guys think it?s cool and macho to try and make the girl pay for everything, personally I think 50/50 is the way to go. The thing to remember is always make sure you keep enough money in your pocket to cover travel. A useful rule of thumb I use is: Think how you would treat a male friend, and do the same with the girl you?re with. Most of the time you?ll make the right call.

If you haven?t got condoms, as discussed above, then you will need money to buy some (but ideally get this sorted beforehand – I said proactive, right?).

In closing, you can?t completely control the logistics of a night-out, and it would be foolish to try. However, you can take steps to limit the amount of logistical nightmares that could crop up by taking a proactive approach, and preparing for the most common scenarios outlined here.

Speak soon,
David Black


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