Peacocking with Trendy Men’s Celebrity Bracelets

Many guys ask ?Why don?t women see me in a sexual way?? And a lot of the time the answer is that you?re not dressing in a way that conjures up any sort of sexual energy.

Brad P. talks a lot about the idea of using sexual stereotypes to instantly have a woman seeing you in a more sexual way. This is such a brilliant concept and it?s strange that more men are keen on this. If you think about it, it?s exactly what women do to us.

If a woman is dressed in a preppy sweater, khakis, and is wearing very little makeup or jewelry, how much ?sexual? attraction do you feel for her? Compare that to the same woman dressed in a sexy black dress, with dangly earrings, fuck-me pumps, and fire engine red lipstick ? how much ?sexual? attraction do you feel for now her?

There are many different reasons we?re more ?sexually? attracted to her when she dressed in the ?sexy? outfit.? Maybe it?s because she?s showing more skin, maybe it?s because the effort she has put into getting dressed like this shows her sexual intention, but most likely, it?s because she is playing off of your stereotype of the promiscuous, sexual woman.

You need to play off that same stereotype with the way you dress.

Now I?m not going to get into the eight sexual stereotypes covered in the Fashion Bible, but I do want to talk about one particular item that is a good way for a man to ?peacock? his sexuality.

Leather Bracelets

Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, and various other musicians, actors, and sport stars have turned the ?leather bracelet? into something that conjures up the image of sexy.

Now, the idea of peacocking has been in the seduction community for years now, but I think that Mystery has given the term ?peacocking? a negative image.?When in fact, peacocking with something as simple as a wrist full of leather bracelets will drastically improve the chance that a woman sees you in a more sexual way.

The trick with the leather bracelet is to not just wear one or two. You need to have about five or six bracelets on at least one of your wrists.

You can go with big leather looking one like the one in this photo available at This one takes up a bulk of the wrist.

But then you?ll need several smaller ones like these pictures available here.

Leather bracelets are just one of the many ways to add sex appeal to your wardrobe. If you would like to learn more about how to use the sexual stereotypes to dress in a way that women are programmed to be attracted to: Read the Fashion Bible.

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