3 Questions About “Creating the Vibe” with Bill Preston of PUA Forums

Our ?3 Questions? today is with Bill Preston, who runs the site PUA Forums. This is what he had to say about his inspiration developing the website, and The Vibe:

?I created this site to help guys get this part of their life figured out. And, let me be clear – there is more to life than just getting laid. I mean, yes, having the ability to go out and bring a woman that you just met back to your place is a great skill to have, but it is even more important to have women of quality in your life to share experiences and life events with.

For me, nothing beats going to my local sports pub and watching football with a girl who is just super fun to be around. So yes, while getting laid is a great side effect of being good with women, more importantly I just wanted to have more choice of quality women in my life. So now that I have achieved this, I feel a responsibility to help other guys get to this point in life.?

1. What was your ?ah ha? moment that had the biggest impact on turning around your game?

For me, it was two-fold. The first part was actually going out and learning from some guys I met in NYC who already had this part of their life mastered. And luckily for me, we became friends and I was introduced to their social circle. So hanging out with these guys, listening to their advice and just witnessing how they acted really made a giant impact on my life.

The second part was when I decided to start helping other guys. I began helping at some of the pick-up bootcamps my friends were running in New York, and I also started my site PUAForums. They say that teaching someone else is the best way to become an expert at something, and I firmly believe it.

Another thing that is now an ?a-ha? moment, that I didn?t realize at the time was approach anxiety is less about the fear of approaching a woman, but more about not being sure if you can keep up an interesting conversation. ?So instead of fearing the approach, I think I (and I suspect a lot of other guys) are afraid of the moments after the approach. So maybe instead of approach anxiety, we should call it attraction or conversation anxiety?

2. Do you have any secret tips for helping guys get in a better frame of mind for going out to talk to women?

Definitely. One of the things I cover with guys is how to get out of their own heads. Too many guys ?lock? themselves up in their own minds when they are out and they truly are not ?in the moment?.

There are few simple techniques you can do that will instantly get yourself out of your head and into the moment, in fact these techniques are fool-proof. It is impossible to do this technique and still be lost in your own thoughts after doing it. Instead you are in the ?zone? as I like to say, and you are ready to ?Vibe? with women.

3. What is ?the vibe? and why is it important to attracting women?

?The Vibe? is hard to explain, but we?ve all felt it at one point. Maybe you are hanging out with someone and you start finishing each other?s sentences, or you are playing a sport and everything slows down and becomes easy. ?That is ?vibing?. You just get it, and it comes naturally and everything feels effortless. Well, the same can be said about being in the moment with women.

Things just work. I teach guys how to easily get in the zone with women, using some very simple but tested and proven techniques that are nearly fool-proof. Why am I doing this? Well, for a while guys have been asking me for step-by-step techniques to approach and attract women, so I decided to create a product that shows guys EXACTLY what I do when I am out to meet women.

Now I already mentioned that I explain how to get out of your own head, but I also cover how to get over approach anxiety (in a fun way), how to play fun games with women you just met that ALWAYS get them engaged and attracted to you. ?I share my secret conversational techniques (even the exact questions I ask women) that always build a ton of attraction and rapport. These questions work EVERY time, and never get boring even for me and I use the same ones over and over.

I show how to get a kiss, a number or even get her back to your place in ways that are much simpler and more effective than guys realize.

I share my secret strategy to approach and open a group of hot women, that has worked every time (usually with the girl I am interested in actually being attracted me almost immediately)? but you?ll have to check it out for yourself.

>>>Watch Bill’s video explaining The Vibe and how to trigger extreme attraction in any girl you meet.

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