Four Questions About “Beach Pickup”

Carlos is a former lifeguard struggled for many years with women. Until the day he uncovered a simple step-by-step system to meet, attract and pick up women at the beach. The best thing: He’s sharing now his secrets in a new book called ?How To Pick Up Women At The Beach: The Secret Guide?.

1.?What are some big mistakes guys make when trying to meet girls on the beach?

From my experience there are two limiting beliefs that prevents men to be successful at the beach:

-?? Thinking that it is very creepy to go to the beach just to try to approach, talk and be able to pick up women.

-?? Being afraid of trying to approach women in this kind of environment because you think you?ll get labeled as a pervert.

If you are one of the people thinking in this manner then it is recommended that you try and visit the beach a bit more often. This will make you much more comfortable with the environment. Ask yourself, why did you really go to the beach in the first place? If your answer has anything to do with the water, then you?ve got a real reason. You are much more interested in the water compared to talking to girls.

Know this, according to a survey of 2,257 women; nine out of ten of them are open enough to friendly talks on the beach.

You should also take note of the tourist spots such as caves, secret tide pools, great restaurants to eat at around the neighborhood of the beach. Locals and a couple of tourists would know about these places and this would be a perfect place to invite a girl you?ve met on the beach to go to.

2.? How can a guy avoid her thinking “Oh, god, another guy on the beach hitting on me?”

Actually, there is no guarantee that you could avoid this. The next best thing are to follow these tips:

-??Try to be more conversational. Avoid asking the girl questions that she could simply answer with a yes or no. Ask questions that would actually promote a conversation.

-???Don?t be too high energy or too wild. Just stay low and cool.

-???Remember that this is not a club or anything like that so girls would be a bit more friendly compared to those places.

3. What is one tip that will help a guy get his foot in the door…

Going to the beach, especially on summer months, is definitely a great way to try and meet women. With that in mind, always have a conversation starter ready. This is a crucial part of your quest to meet women on the beach. Remember to make it good and practice it. Just avoid being too over the top.

Another great tip is to look out for women who are obviously interested in meeting someone else too. These women typically hang out at the cocktail bar or walking around the beach checking out other people.

4.? What will guys learn in your “Beach Pickup” program?

What goes on in a woman?s mind while she?s on the beach has been cleared. The program contains twelve conversation starters which are tailor made for the beach and guaranteed to work each time. The program also shows you how easy it actually is to pick up women on the beach through a step by step exercise so that every time you approach a woman on the beach, you?ll be successful.

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