How to Have Fast Sex: The Legend of Ratisse

The scorching Orlando sun had set, bringing on another humid summer night. As mosquitoes took flight, as nightclubs opened their doors, and as the attendants of the ?21 Convention? scattered back to their rooms to change before going out, a darkly handsome, scruffy face starred into a hotel mirror.

Looking into his own brown eyes, he reminded himself: ?I?m here to have fun. I?m here to provide value in the form of fun. I talk to lots of people. Guys standing around, clutching drinks hope something cool happens?yeah, I?m here to brighten their day. Women love sex and they want some cool guy to take them home?yeah, I?m that guy.?

?That guy? is none other than Ratisse, whose underground reputation is founded upon his detailed reports of his compulsive seducing. To know Ratisse is to know his ?stat? sheet, which quantifies his salacious exploits like a baseball trading card.

Earlier that day, he?d spoken at the ?21 Convention,? explaining how he uses ?priming? to gauge the sexual readiness of a woman. A cornerstone of Ratisse?s game, he will often blurt blatant statements of sexual intent, such as ?If we continue talking we?re going to end up making out.? The woman?s verbal and nonverbal reaction indicates her attraction and provides a ?roadmap? on how to proceed.

Receiving a hero?s reception for his pure-content speech, Ratisse was ready to demonstrate his concepts and philosophy in the flesh for all those who went out that night. After reaffirming to himself his values and mindset, he jumped into a cab with some ?21 Convention? attendants and fellow speakers to I-Bar, a local Orlando nightclub.

Whenever Ratisse enters a venue, he immediately checks for eye contact or other signals that indicate a woman wants to be approached. For Ratisse, much of the game is played by simple screening. For example, if he?s looking for a same night pull, often he?ll ask a girl up front, ?Who are you here with? What are you doing later? Where do you live? Do you have roommates?? Such questions allow him to quickly size up a woman?s sexual logistics and let him quickly sift away girls who he?d have a better chance to take their number and follow up with later.

That night he strolled into I-Bar, still feeling the ?speaker?s high? from his ?21 Convention? speech. After a perfunctory lap around the venue, he spotted a conference attendant chatting up two Latin girls. Knowing the attendant was fairly new to ?the game,? Ratisse wanted to assist him by giving him a wing.

After speaking to the attendant, Ratisse started chatting the unoccupied girl. In classic Ratisse form he teasingly asked if she was harassing his friend. As Ratisse and the girl are hitting it off, another girl joins the group who Ratisse whisks away to the dance floor. With the new girl, Ratisse primes her about making out. Since the girl doesn?t verbally deny Ratisse?s sexual suggestion, he assumes it?s time for a makeout. Telling her to close her eyes, he escalates the situation by kissing the girl. While she doesn?t resist him, she doesn?t kiss him back, either.

Seeing this, he quickly switched gears, talking about his recent trip to Costa Rica. The girl?s eyes light up as this is the missing ?piece? most guys don?t understand. While Ratisse is known for his fast escalation, he also has a keen understanding of what?s needed moment-to-moment to keep an interaction electrified and sexual. Sometimes the shortest road to sex is temporarily moving the interaction away from sex.

After resetting the vibe, Ratisse asked, ?Are you a good kisser? Or are your lips only for show?? Naturally, this led to a passionate makeout on the dance floor. To read the ensuing X-rated details of what went down after that, check out Ratisse?s copious LR archive (this LR is titled ?LR: I-Bar Pull to My Suburban?).

More important than the wild tales Ratisse posts on forums and Facebook are the lessons embedded into each report. I recently interviewed Ratisse where he ran me through a crash course for pulling SNLs Ratisse-style. Essentially, quick pulls involve 4 factors:

1. Logistics (Learned by screening)
2. Types of girls (Discovered by vibing)
3. Traits to pull it off (Cultivated by practicing, e.g., teasing, boldness)
4. Working for compliance (Achieved by having the right mindset)

When I asked him to boil down his method into one sentence, Ratisse responded, ?The one most important trait of a same night pull is NOT hesitating.? Most guys would read that piece of advice and assume Ratisse means not waiting too long to escalate the situation physically, but it?s more than that.

For Ratisse, hesitating also includes abandoning an interaction because there?s no ?traditional? place to pull. ?You got to pay attention to your environment,? Ratisse explained. ?Think about it. There?s bathrooms, there are places you can take her outside, there are dark alleyways around the venue, there?s your car?ask yourself these questions, ?What?s the location? how can I do this? what can I get away with???

If you have the balls to put Ratisse?s advice to the test, Ratisse advocates ?Stick to your guns.? He explains, ?She?s a woman. There should be sexual tension. Keep trying and see what you can get away with. Guys often make this too hard for themselves. Set yourself up for success and go for it.? By following Ratisse?s extremely simplified and straightforward roadmap for SNLs, you can remove a lot of the ?over-gaming? habits most other methods and companies espouse.

Ratisse is a rare gem in an industry that?s overrun with marketing hype and complicated methods. Since Ratisse operates as a self-contained ?pickup mercenary? who only offers live coaching (aside from the free video and audio he gives away), he has no reason to muddle the process of sex. While his method seems simple, it?s the truth on SNLs as Ratisse?s recent publically recorded 171th lay attests.

?Escalating shows confidence,?? Ratisse concluded. ?Put yourself out there.?

To learn more about Ratisse, check him out at his blog. Or find him on Facebook by searching ?Ratisse PUA?. Or drop him an old fashioned email ( Also, if you?re interested in meeting Ratisse this summer and watching him in action, be sure to check out the ?21 Convention?.


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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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