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Text That Girl Program Review

What to Text Girls Explained

What to Text Girls Explained

B4UTXTHER Review (The Social Man’s Christian Hudson and Race de Priest Text Game course)

My buddy Race de Priest is finally releasing his long awaited program on text messaging girls.  This program is stacked!

I’ve known Race for awhile now, and it was almost two years ago that I first talked to him about this program, so I know how much time and effort went into it.

Today, I had a chance to sneak peak it…and all I can say is that you will not be dissapointed.    B4UTXHER has everything you could possible want to know about using text messaging to get girls more attracted you.

What’s great is that it includes theory and TONS OF EXAMPLES.  And I think with a text message program this examples are necessary.  Check out the program.

Here is a run down of what the course contains:

Module 1 – The Fundamentals

  • The Instant Turn-Offs for Women. What are the common things that guys do that make a woman say “oh, he’s just like all the others?”
  • How Quickly Should You Respond? Too quickly and you’re needy, too long and she’ll lose interest.
  • Using “Fales Disqalifiers” to get her to work for you and set yourself apart
  • A secret to making mass texts appear personal and getting responses
  • Passing tests like “you do this with everyone, don’t you?” and other things she’ll throw at you to see if you’re worth her time

Module 2 – Getting Her Number

  • When to get her number in a conversation so that it doesn’t seem awkward or forced
  • Specific examples of taking a girl’s number without actually asking for it
  • What to do the moment after you get her number
  • The “advanced pre-emptive anti-flaking technique”,
  • How to manage your phonebook when you have 50-200 numbers from random women

Module 3 – Sending the First Text

  • When to get her number in a conversation so that it doesn’t seem awkward or forced
  • Specific examples of taking a girl’s number without actually asking for it
  • What to do the moment after you get her number
  • The “advanced pre-emptive anti-flaking technique”,
  • How to manage your phonebook when you have 50-200 numbers from random women

Module 4 – Sending The First Text

  • What your first text is telling her about you and how to give off all the right signals
  • The 3 components that absolutely must be present in your first text if you want to get the best response possible from a girl
  • How to instantly call back all the attraction she had for you when she gave you her number
  • The proper way to answer the dreaded “Who is this?” text and spike her curiosity (Note: answer this wrong and you are dead in water)
  • How to know exactly when to end a text conversation so she is left wanting more

Module 5 – Techniques And Tactics

  • How to quickly create comfort through the power of role-playing
  • Using misdirection to make it seem like she is the one chasing you even though you are the one texting her
  • The secret to building unconscious rapport through mirroring
  • The correct way to playfully tease a woman (note: if you are doing this wrong you are instantly turning women off)
  • How to come up with an awesome nickname that she will LOVE!
  • A fun little technique you can use to make her smile any time you ask a question

Module 6 – Setting the Date

  • A sneaky little way to plant the seed for the date so by the time you ask her out it is almost certain she will say yes
  • Simple ways to avoid awkwardness on the first date
  • A sure fire way to get her to respond if you need an answer about a date by a certain time
  • The absolute best way to handle if she brings a friend along so that you still end up getting the girl
  • An advanced technique you can use to go on a date with multiple woman at the same time (proceed with caution)

Module 7 – Taming the Flake-A-Saurus Rex

  • The #1 thing you need to know about a woman flaking to keep your sanity and your cool
  • A few things you can do as you are setting up the date so that flaking no longer becomes an issue for you
  • A secret technique I discovered that will turn a flake into an even better date next time (you might even look forward to a girl flaking after learning this
  • The absolute best way to call out a woman if for some reason she keeps on flaking so that she respects you and won’t do it again

Module 8 – If She Stops Responding

  • The psychological principles you can use right now to pull almost any girl back into a conversation no matter how long ago she stopped responding
  • A cute little text that will not only make her insanely curios but will also gauge where she is sexually without her knowing it
  • How to create urgency so she stops whatever she is doing and texts you back right away

Module 9 – Text to Sex

  • Why you HAVE to set sexual frames early on or risk losing her to a guy that does
  • Sneaky little ways to subtly steer the conversation in a sexual direction (you won’t believe some of things girls will say over text
  • How to handle the objection that you are just using her for a “booty call”
  • How to prime a sexual encounter so that by the time you meet she can’t wait to rip your clothes off
  • The secrets to getting a woman’s mind racing with naughty thoughts about you by simply changing the way you word things

If you’re looking for a text message programfor learning how to text a girl.

B4uxther is built on the concept that there are three texts to send a girl to turn her on and get her out on a date.  These three texts will ensure that you don’t blow it with the girl and allow you to transition smoothly from number to meet up.


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  1. David Black

    April 29, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty, looks awesome.

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