(It’s Baaaaaaaaack) Wingman Weekend Retreat

Project Hollywood…?Caribbean?Style

Learn Game, Party Your Ass Off, Get Laid Like a Rockstar, Relax, Live it Up Like a Big Pimp and Have the Time of Your Life… ?With a Group of Like Minded Wingman and Coaches to Help Take Your Game to the NEXT LEVEL…

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

Invite you….

Just imagine an intimate little beach town, where college aged tourists come from all over the world to kite surf, lounge on the beach, and party their asses off at night. Imagine a place where sexy Dominican girls gather to dance, mingle with tourists, and show you what island living is all about.

Now imagine being there with a group of guys, all united with their desire to grow, bond, converse, party, and PICK UP WOMEN!

If you heard the stories from last summer’s Wingman Weekend then you know that WE SET THE ISLAND ON FIRE!

For three days and three nights eight of us lived, breathed, and slept game. We shared stories and strategies. We gave each other constructive feedback. We built a foundation of strong inner game. AND most importantly…. We had the time of our life just hanging out, exploring the island and living like kings!! This is a no pressure environment where you can do almost whatever you want. Go out and party, extreme sports or do absolutely nothing while drinking at our private mansion in the pool!?!?!

We’ve received countless emails asking us when the next trip is. Last summer attendees have been begging us to throw another retreat. Hell, I’ve been itching to re live the experience.

You only live once. When you look back at your life as you get older… the random trouble will have come and gone… but the opportunity to experience something extraordinary only comes around every so often. Who knows where any of us will be in a year. If we wait, we risk missing a chance to grow. To take our social skills to the next level. To build a foundation of inner game that will radiate into all areas of our life.

The fact is that for four days in late August we will be living like kings. We’ve rented a $1,500 a night villa over looking the ocean. We’ve rented two SUVs to cruise the island in. We have a staff of cooks, cleaning ladies, and concierge to wait on our every whim… and we have AN ISLAND FULL OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN waiting for a chance to party at our villa.

If you’ve been following our Success Principles series you know the importance of ‘acting as if.’ Well this is your chance to live it, be it, do it, and conquer it. This isn’t just about four days of partying, learning, gaming, and embarking on incredible adventures like white water rafting through the Dominican mountains… it is about training your mind to accept that you are a social superstar, you are the kind of guy who jet sets to foreign countries, who has rendezvous with exotic women, and who lives like a rock star easily bonding with a diverse group of men with one single purpose!

Wingman Weekend

World class pick up artist, Rob Judge, and myself would like to invite you our Wingman Weekend retreat.

This isn’t hype. This isn’t me bullshitting you. Listen to what some of the guys who attended last summer’s Wingman Weekend had to say:

Fling says:

The retreat was awesome! It is the best vacation I had in a long time. Props to Bobby and Mike for organizing this amazing trip!

I had a really good time hanging out and having some good conversations with the super cool guys. I learned a lot about attraction, business, and self-improvement from them. The villa that we stayed was unbelievable. It’s like one of the mansions where celebrities live. And indeed we were celebrities in DR. We were having so much fun that we attracted so much attention everywhere we went.

More important though, is that the retreat did what it promised ” man transformation”. I feel like a new man after coming back. People around me can tell that I am more confident and alpha, and women are responding positively. I am looking forward to the next trip!

Lance, from honeyandlance.com says:

Okay, besides the learning, the fun levels were off the charts. We did a pool party at the villa on Thursday, hit the beach on Friday, rafted on Saturday, and hit the bars and clubs every evening until the wee hours. It was totally retarded how fun it was. The trip was literally the best party trip I’ve ever taken, which is saying something as I’ve done Mardi Gras, SXSW, Vegas, two Olympics, Cancun, Whistler, a shitload of spring breaks, and others. Let me just say this again: this was the best party trip I’ve EVER been on. Bar none. read the full review

Damon says:

The villa we stayed at was even nicer than the photos on the website. We had our own cooks, maid service and security. The entire house was gated for superior protection – I felt like Scarface! And to top it all off we had an inground pool in the back of the house, which overlooked the ocean. This was paradise! During the days, we basically relaxed and talked about women. At night, we went out to the bars and met all types of chicks. If you wanted Dominican chicks, you could take your pick. If you wanted Irish, Canadian or American…they were there too. We met them all and even brought them back to the villa for more partying into the early morning.

Probably the most important thing was how Bobby and Mike were. They were very laid back, casual and totally made me feel comfortable. They had everything under control and I had nothing to worry about. They had set up an awesome itinerary and overall everyone had a great time.

As you can see we have gone above and beyond to make this trip special. And we take care of everything. Unlike many seminars where you’re responsible for your own hotel, meals, transportation… It is all covered. Yes, we have a giant Project Hollywood style kingpin villa that everyone will be staying at. We have a full time cook who will be preparing all of our meals. We will have our entire library of audio and video seduction material to make use of on any of the seven big screen TVs throughout the villa.

Most of boot camps, which only include class time, cost well over $3,000. While you’re bound to learn good theory and techniques you’ll often go home with very few solid life defining memories. The Wingman Weekend includes everything mentioned above: Accommodation, meals at villa, drinks at villa, white water rafting trip, and all learning material you want to take advantage of.

The attendees of last year’s seminar told us that we could have easily charged over $3,000 and they still would have went home more than satisfied.

Not only do attendees get everything mentioned above, but they also receive:

  • an exclusive 400 page book hard covered book on “Social Superstar”
  • Lifetime email support from Bobby and Rob
  • Access to private “members only” conference calls leading up the weekend

Sure we know we could charge well over $3000 for this. But you guys know that we’ve never been about the money. So we’ve priced this out at basically our break even point of $1400.? For $1400 you get everything three nights in a palace on the water, all meals, drinks at the villa, white water rafting trip, pool party, and all the knowledge you can devour.

Special Limited Time Price!

We need a certain number of reservations before was can book the villa for our August time slot. The quicker we get the reservations the quicker we get rolling on the arrangements. If you would do us the favor of making our lives easier by reserving your spot early… we’ll repay the favor in the form of $125.

Yes, for anyone who books their spot before June 30th 2010 we are offering the entire package for only $1275.

Remember, most companies are charging more than twice that amount without offering a hotel, meals, drinks, white water rafting, unlimited email support, a 400 page hard covered book, conference calls, and a villa full of beautiful women.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Big ups to Bobby and Mike for organizing and putting on a great, value-packed Retreat. If you thought about attending and missed out, you fucked up big time. This was the epic trip we dream about. If the guys decide to do another one in the future, get your ass on board early and be a part of something special. I haven’t done a bootcamp before, but I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the best trip in the pickup industry. I dare someone to argue with that. -Lance

Guys, seats to this trip are not unlimited. The villa can only hold a certain amount of guys. Once the trip sells out… you miss out. I only say this to encourage you to take action sooner than later. You don’t want to miss out. And remember if you book your trip by June 30th 2010 you pay the reduced price of $1275.

And this isn’t one of those cases where we threaten to raise the price but don’t. The price is going up after June 30th. The only reason we’re even willing to drop the money off now is because is makes our lives easier in terms of making arrangements if you don’t wait till the last minute to sign up.

Do whatever you have to do to get down there with us.

If you want to reserve your spot at the reduced price, or if you have any specific questions about the trip which will be held in late August 2010 please email:

Reserve your spot now!

bobby (at) tsbmagazine.com

I’ll leave you with Gecko’s thoughts:

I want to thank you guys for an amazing time. The trip exceeded all of my expectations. I mean, what could be better then meeting lots of beautiful women from around the world while hanging out and bonding with some cool dudes from all walks of life?! I met girls from all over North America, Europe and even Australia in addition to all of the exotic fun loving local women. It was great to take a trip for once and actually be able to kick back relax and not have to worry about the planning. The pace of the trip was spot on with the proper mix of field work and one-on-one coaching. The rafting trip in the mountains was a fun and challenging confidence building exercise. Plus I think the setting played a huge part. The villa was simply amazing. The beauty, size and scale of the place was almost overwhelming and the security guard, maid, and chef made sure our time at villa was relaxing. I came refreshed and ready to take on the world! I highly recommend the TSB Wingman weekend!

Tentative dates August 12th -August 15th

I look forward to hearing from you, and remember if you want to get on the list, reserve your spot, or hear more information, please email Bobby (at) tsbmagazine.com

Bobby Rio

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