Important Video: CPR By Lingerie Models!

CPR is one of those things that there’s no excuse for anyone over the age of 16 not to know how to do. (It’s kind of like knowing how to put on a condom in that respect.) An extremely simple procedure, the correct application of CPR can be the difference between saving someone’s life or not. However, for whatever reason, we’ve stopped teaching our kids this life-saving method (most likely due to everyone being scared of being sued if you administer CPR a little too hard and injure some ribs). Luckily, there’s a group out there doing God’s work that not only wants to disperse the knowledge of how to perform CPR, but has also brilliantly packaged the material in a fun and interesting way. And, of course, by that I mean by utilizing hot, lesbionic lingerie models.

This is important stuff, people. If you need to watch it over and over a few times to make sure you understand, feel free.

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