Necessary Viewing: Optical Illusion Ball Trick

My internal commentary while watching the below video:

Oh, this one’s simple. It’s obviously just some kind of magnet at the top of the ramp that is drawing this obviously magnetized balls up towards it. Sure, it’s kind of strange that someone would be able to get a small magnet of that power, especially when it looks like the rest of the project is made entirely of cheap paper. But, you know, I’ve seen stranger things in life. Like Eraserhead. Or a man with two cocks. (Thanks for that one, Internet.) Or a one-legged man hopped up on crack masturbating directly onto my car. (Thanks for that one, 5th floor apartment with a view of where my car was parked.) But this? This one’s simple. It’s obviously magnets …

Wait a second.

Why is it rotating like that?

What the bloody fuck!?!?!

The video is the winner of this year’s “Illusion of the Year” contest for the Vision Sciences Society. In other words, the coolest yearly contest ever. Head over this way to see the other Top 10 finishers.

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