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How To Get In Shape

With Summer Just About Here, Time To Get In Shape

Last week, I talked about how to get your protein as a way to start shedding pounds when you get in shape. Of course, the real process is to get in shape. If you?re going to change your diet, to get the results you want, you need to exercise. I?m going to use running as an example as that is my favorite mode of cardiovascular exercise, but you can substitute biking or swimming as well.

Start Small. Don?t expect to go out and run an ultra marathon immediately. (I hope that is an obvious to you reading as it was to me writing it. I feel like Dr. Steve Brule: If you don?t eat, you can die stupid.) Jog for twenty minutes instead of trying to figure out a distance. (To make it easy, jog in one direction for ten minutes and then turn around and jog back. Please call me Dr. Jason Brule stupid.) If that is easy, then move up to thirty minutes the next day. Then start looking at distances you traveled online so you can get an idea of routes you might like to jog. One of my most essential bookmarks is the USA Track and Field site that allows you to zoom in on your location and then map your route turn by turn. Sometimes I use it to plan a route, other times just to see how far I really went. Well, and to make sure my GPS watch is calibrated correctly.

That'll work

Find a Goal. Just like the rest of life, (ex: ?I want to date that girl; I want to be a cowboy?) getting in shape is easier with a goal. If you choose to run, maybe you can find a 5k run a month down the road. After that, maybe you feel like you want to aim for a 10k. If you find a goal, the training becomes easier because there is a reason to jog three miles this day and two miles that day. The cool thing about these kinds of goals is that you can make them easier or harder as you go. Maybe you want to just finish the 5k. That training is a lot different than if you set a goal for running a 5k in 18 minutes. Just like if you set out to run a marathon, the novice training is much simpler than the advanced training. (Dr. Jason Brule here. ?Novice? and ?advanced? are different.)

Cross Train. Most training programs will say this anyway, but just in case, mix it up a bit. In this case, take a day and instead of jogging, maybe you go for a long hike. Probably not the best way to mix it up, but still a little different to keep it fresh. The ideal way would be to use a few different muscles like when you bike or swim as a cardiovascular substitute exercise for your normal jogging. It?s also a good idea to do exercises to work your core, maybe some sit-ups or crunches, and work in some strength training. All of which will help keep your regular training fresh.

Get a Coach. Yes, you can motivate yourself and get a lot done on your own. To get really good though, finding someone who has done it all before and knows what needs to be done to truly get in shape is the way to go. It will cost you more, but as far as getting in shape, you get what you pay for. (Like Dr. Jason Brule, who is free.)

With the official start of summer this week, you can?t ask for a better time to get out and get in shape. You just have to commit to doing it, by starting small, finding a goal and following the rest of Dr. Jason Brule?s advice. You?ll be in shape before you know it.


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