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The Advanced Qualification Guide

How To Create Qualifications

Attraction has been broken down over the past few years and can be taught/practiced at any level. Whether you?re new to game or sleeping with four girls a day, qualification will be the majority of your game. Entire books could be written about defining qualification but this article will focus on creating a list of qualifications for the perfect girl and why qualifying from this list will act as leverage resulting in levels of attraction like never before.

The List

An easy way to elevate your game to the next level is creating a list of the qualities found in your perfect/ideal girl. The list should include both physical and non-physical characteristics. The more detail you include in the list, the better. Everything from height to the shade of her teeth to the way she laughs or even acts at the dinner table. We will be actively qualifying from the non-physical list avoiding qualifying from the physical list for the most part. We created the physical list because it helps to have a solid idea of what we are looking for in a girls looks so we don?t waste time in field. This list will be constantly evolving and changing as we learn about yourselves and your tastes. This list should be readily available in your memory and used in the field in every conversation.

Higher Value

In all conversations there is a battle of frame and value. Those who have higher value qualify those around them to see if they match the qualities they are looking for in others. By qualifying, you have already increased your value and as an added bonus, you are now giving girls reasons why you like them other than their looks.


Because we have take the time to create our list of qualities, when we qualify, it will be more genuine. THIS IS MASSIVELY IMPORTANT! By being genuine instead of qualifying on things you don?t care about (i.e. adventurous) this will massively lever the amount of attraction received. Because you are being genuine, you qualifications will come across much stronger and clearer as the girls can sense this.

Knowing What You Want

Most guys have no idea what they look for in a girl, this can really hurt you down the road, especially if you reach the point where you have many options. Knowing what you want will lever your value and put you miles ahead of the other guys. Girls are attracted to alphas and one of these qualities is knowing what you want. By qualifying from your

list, all this will be conveyed and your attraction level will be through the roof.

Not Wasting Time

Because we know what we want, we can quickly move past those that do not meet our standards. It is important to be friendly with everyone for social proof purposes and the possibility of hot friends but we won?t be spending the majority of our night learning about this girl. Also, by having standards and not hooking up with every girl, your value will increase.


It's important to have a goal in mind

If you are qualifying a girl and you run out of things to say, you can simply reference your qualification list and incorporate one of the qualities you are looking for into conversation.

Target ? Goal ? Situation

For both beginners and the more advanced, it is important to pick a target and then decide what you are trying to accomplish considering logistics. i.e. we will probably being going for number closes on the tube at 9am on Sunday instead of a 3-minute lay, but don?t rule that possibility out! For the more advanced, you can use qualifying frames and certain qualification questions to find a girl that satisfies your immediate or long term goals. This is another article all together.

If you change nothing else about your game expect creating a list and qualifying from it, you attraction and close rate will reach all time highs. Also, it is important to update the list as you grow and learn more about yourself.


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