Designing A Bachelor Pad

The Importance Of A Well Designed Place

The look and ambiance of your home says a lot about you personally, and first impressions can make?or break?any date brought home for that first view of your world. Designing a bachelor pad for a guy is like introducing that man to the world, since making that first impression can easily lead to a long-time relationship. However, most guys have little decorating sense, so it helps to find some practical tips that still allow a guy?s individuality to be personified.

1.? Clean lines and simple colors work well.

Here's a nice example

The modern bachelor pad is all about simplicity, and the less there is in the pad, the easier it is to keep clean and tidy. That is the impression that you want to give a partner, being clean and organized as much as possible. For the living room, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen, keep it very simple, using accessories to decorate more creatively and add a lot of color and pizzazz to each room.

2.? Your bedroom is your personal space.

Experts on men?s d?cor recommend adding the most personal touches in the bedroom, where the average visitor only gets a peek at the man beneath. Great artwork, lamps, and tables can be great ways to express some creativity and discover something about the man who owns them, from retro work to more modern pieces. There is nothing wrong with a man choosing more elegant pieces either, as it shows a man who is comfortable enough with his masculinity to display some of the finer things available.

3.? There is no ?norm? for bachelor pads.

There is no written rulebook that says a bachelor pad has to look like a man owns it, although the average man does want his masculinity to show in creative touches. While simple is best, most color palettes and styles work well with men?s d?cor. That gives men a lot of room for creativity and style, without the need to sacrifice anything masculine.

4. Do not be ashamed to ask for help.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of men are not fond of getting some help or advice, especially from a woman, and decorating a bachelor pad is no exception. If you are this type of guy, you can use resources such as the Internet to get some fashion and decorating tips and tricks if you do not want to go to the ladies for help, or even ask for assistance from home improvement retail store associates. When all else fails, call over some trusted friends and make a brainstorming session out of it, getting tips and ideas from what other guys have done in their own bachelor pads.

5. Conformity is not a requirement.

While it has already been stated that there is no norm for bachelor pads, it is also important to point out that you do not have to choose simplicity just because that is what is recommended. Simple is best for a clean, modern look, but your bachelor pad is your own kingdom to design.

Jessica Ackerman, author and staff designer at, specializes in wall art trees and outdoor metal wall art.

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