7 Activities To Do With a Girl This Summer

The Summer is fast approaching here in the UK, so I thought I would share with you some great activities to do when the sun is shining and the weather is hot (anyone living in the UK will know that just ?cos the sun is shining don?t mean the weather is warm). So here?s some ideas to help you get out there and enjoy the great weather with a girl in tow.

7. Bike Riding

is pretty much a ?win-win? situation. Not only are the pair of you having a great time, but you?re also getting some fresh air and exercise. Plan a route where it?s quiet and away from traffic as well as the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Make sure that the route also has places where the two of you can stop and relax such as coffee shops or even a nice view in the country side. You can always take a packed lunch too, always goes down well. Try to end the route at your place too, just in case …

6. Outdoor Concerts & Music Festivals

If the pair of you are music lovers and have bands/artists in common, then this is a great way for you to bond with her. If the weather?s on your side not only will you be able to have fun listening to your favorite songs as you?re dancing with her; you?ll also have a great bonding experience together. There?s something about sleeping in a tent, getting drunk and watching music that is somehow magical. Just make sure she is up for getting wet and muddy if it does decide to rain on your parade.

5. Water Sports

Water sports are awesome fun. During the Summer (even in the UK where the weather sucks) you can try your hand and everything from surfing to sailing. It?s definitely a Summer thing and so should be made full advantage of in the good weather. It?s great to do with a girl cause it?s fun, exciting and you can laugh at each other when you bail into the water. It?s a great peak emotional experience that will both bond you and create some great memories.

4. Camping

Isolated. Wilderness. Nobody around to interrupt. Confined space. Nothing else to do but … camping rocks.

3. Sphereing/Zorbing

Sphereing is a new sport where you strap yourself in a giant inflatable ball and get pushed down steep hills! You and your girl share the same ball and are harnessed in facing each other as you?re rolling down speeds approaching 30mph. This is great fun and gives you a major adrenaline rush. Plus, it?s a perfect opportunity for you to laugh and joke with her as you?ll be watching the look on her face as well as hearing her screams. However, if you the kind of guy that likes it wet ?n wild, there is also aqua-sphereing. It has the same principle but instead of a harness, you are in a ball full of water. Remember your towel. And your sick-bag. Pro tip: Skip breakfast before trying this one. It?s rougher than a Space Shuttle re-entry stoned off your tits.

2. Romantic Picnic

Taking a girl on a romantic picnic is a win-win situation. You are surrounded by beautiful scenery, food, nice weather and a lovely lady. It?s old-school romantic in all the right ways, and it brings out the inner child in all of us. Needless to say, women love it.

1. Theme Parks & Water Parks

This is the perfect way to ensure the pair of you have an incredible day out together. With so many rides and roller coasters to go on, you will have the biggest adrenaline rush as well as laughing your head off like a five year old. She?ll laugh, she?ll scream, she may even wee a little bit. But she?ll never forget it, and more importantly, you – the man who made it all happen for her.

There you have it. Seven great activities to do this Summer with a girl. Don?t forget your sunscreen.

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