TSB’s Exclusive Interview with DREAM about the 21 Convention

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More and more we?re hearing about men?s dating conferences. I know that the 21 Convention is one of the first. What can the attendees expect to get out of this year?s 21 Convention? How is it different?

Correct, is second only to Cliffs List which was held once in 2005 and once in 2006 before mysteriously disappearing. has been held annually since 2007, and was the first conference for men to ever be held three and now four years in a row as of June 11th 2010 with our fourth convention in Stockholm Sweden, and a fifth to follow in Florida ? T21C headquarters.

If it?s not immediately apparent, is also the first conference for men to ever be held at a multi-national level. I should add though, it was really, really hard to pull that one off just last weekend. Hosting a conference across the globe is indeed difficult, but in the end I am very glad I chose to bring T21C to Europe and look forward to our next event in London, June 2011.

Any future attendee of (in Europe, North America, or elsewhere) can expect the best men?s convention they have ever seen or even heard about for that matter. Big shoes to fill? Sure, but T21C has set and continues to re-define the standard for a reason ? and that reason is simple: this is what I love, and devote myself fully to ? which is also what ultimately separates T21C from any similar conference.

I?ve met other conference organizers and industry leaders, and most are really, really cool dudes that bring a lot to the table and have a tremendous amount of value to offer … but I have yet to meet anyone with the often irrational and borderline insane passion I have for . It?s just not normal ? and I am OK with that. I eat, sleep, breathe, and CONSTANTLY focus on . Every ounce of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual effort I have is literally fed into T21C. Again, you just don?t see that in other conventions or conferences ? at least I haven?t ? and ultimately, this is reflected in each and every event we host, every video we post, and every article we release.

That is what separates T21C on a core, foundational level.

On a more surface level, the event is professionally run to the T. Attendees pay significant sums of money to attend , and as such it only seems right to me to run the event properly and not like some shady ?pickup convention? from the late 90?s touting the latest creeper lines that would sooner land you on NBC?s ?To Catch a Predator? than a date with an attractive HB 10 (cynical humor, I know).

Continuing on, T21C is the only men?s conference that brings in speakers from a wide variety of fields ? not just dating and relationships. This year we have over 5 speakers that have absolutely nothing to do with the ?pickup community,? including best selling entrepreneurship author Rick Smith, best selling nutrition author Mark Sisson, and exercise author/medical doctor Doug McGuff who has a reality show airing with Tony Robbins right after 2010 (North America).

Finally … well actually this could go on and on, but I?ll end the differences from other conferences with the ?vibe? of the whole event. We simply attract a different demographic of speakers and attendees, and as such, well shit man, it?s always a really good time. Everyone is really personable, and not stuck in some guru/student mentality you sometimes see at other events. Translation: our speakers are real people, and if they have even a split second, they will talk to you like any other human being and not brush you to the way side. That?s happened to me before and it is indeed a crappy experience ? one you don?t see at T21C.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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