Vital Reading: Ab Diet

There is not one among us who does not want hard and toned abdominal muscles. Sure, we may scoff at the idea and look down on those who go out of their way to make them like that, but that’s just us trying to justify our laziness by mocking others.

The thing is, though, even if you make the decision to get off the couch and get into the gym (or, at the very least, on your ground in order to get in the correct sit-up position) that’s only half the battle. Kind of like how I mentioned about diet affecting your sex life a few days back, diet is one of the biggest factors when it comes to developing the most-toned abs around. Luckily for us all, the kind folks over at have listed six Ab Diet Commandments that you must follow if you want to actually get abs instead of just working out and getting no benefits. Here, for example, is their vital 2nd commandment:

2- Thou shall eat protein with each meal or snack

The second abs diet commandment to follow is to make sure you get some protein with each and every meal or snack you eat. When on a strict fat-loss diet, protein is the single macronutrient that will spare your lean muscle mass.

If it’s a rock-solid physique you’re after, this will be essential. Focus on proteins that are naturally leaner, such as chicken, fish, egg whites, as well as extra-lean cuts of red meat.

It’s, obviously, vital reading for you this weekend. Follow these steps, and of course your usual training regiment, and you will soon enough have “Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbdonimals!” like this:

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