The 7 Villains of Daygame, Part 1

On my travels I have come across a wide variety of people. All of whom have either given me some amazing experiences or a sharp lesson to be learned. Sure, some can be quite tough to open, but there?s nothing like winning a girl who was previously scowling at your audacity to start a conversation with her. But proceed with caution, young Daygamer, for there are many treacherous hidden traps that await you on your sexy quest.

Some girls are more steadfast on their mission to remain strictly ?unopened? and are, I?m not afraid to admit, extremely difficult if not impossible to open. Some others out there will do everything in their power to thwart your attempts at approaching the girl you want. But by letting everyone know who these daygame villains are, hopefully it will help to give you guys a competitive edge. Once identified, maybe, just maybe, these daygame nightmares will be no match for your skill.

So who are they?

Let?s start with the easiest to overcome and make our way through to the vilest and scariest of them all.

1) The Stormtrooper

Ok, these girls are in a HURRY. Have you ever seen anyone power walking before? This is what The Stormtrooper does. She is LATE. For something. I?m not sure what, but what whatever it is she needs to get there. FAST. Usually characterized by the panicked look on her face and the high velocity with which they travel, these characters are a very tricky breed indeed.

But all is not lost! In my experience they are usually in a hurry for one of the following reasons:

1) They are late meeting a friend
2) They are late for work
3) They are running to catch a bus
4) They are trying to get to a job interview/casting

If you approach and you find out she?s doing one of these, there are two possibilities:

1) Tell her you?re going in the same direction and walk with her.

I think it is ideal if you can stop a moving girl and talk to her from a stationary position, but if there is no choice, as in this instance, then make sure you give a false time constraint as you start walking with her. For example, I?ve gotta go up this way but I?ve gotta head off to the right in a few minutes. The a false-time-constraint serves to intercept the thought that might pop into a girl?s mind when it is clear that you intent to stick around for a while ? the thought that says ?Oh no, how long is this guy gonna be here for? What if he turns out to be a weirdo??

Of course, you?re not a weirdo, this thought just stems from a lack of information about you. She doesn?t KNOW that you?re not weird yet. So you throw in the false time constraint to navigate this social landmine, which will buy you some time to demonstrate your non-weirdness. Then when you feel the time is right you can tell you her really have to go, and go for the close. If the interaction has been short, it might be wise to go for a Facebook close rather than a number, as this is less likely to flake.

2) Go for a FAST close.

What you need to do is to voice concerns she may have, but as if they are your own concerns.

For example:

– You?re a complete stranger and she has no idea whether you?re a weirdo crazy person or not.
– This is a very unusual situation, people don’t normally do this.
– You might start texting me all the time and calling every day.

So I might say this to her:

?Look, you?re super cute ? and you don?t SEEM like a crazy person … I?d really like to talk properly but I?m in a MASSIVE rush. I?ve got a meeting to rush to. I?m not gonna lie to you, I?m REALLY busy at the mo, but if I get a spare sec at some point I?ll shoot you a text or something. Put your number in here. Quick I?ve gotta go!”

Make sense?

So you?re kind of addressing all the issues she might be thinking, but you?re telling her that?s what you?re thinking about HER. Jolly good. If you follow this advice, you?d be surprised what you can get away with. I once stopped and number closed a very cute girl as she was about to jump into a waiting taxi!

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