Can I Escape The Friend Zone?

You Can If You Listen To This Advice

So do you have a woman ?friend? you?d like to be more intimate with? Chances are, she doesn?t know how you really feel. Or, she knows and ?pretends? she doesn?t want to ruin your friendship. For whatever reason, YOU keep giving her attention and time while SHE ?enjoys? your friendship by rejecting your advances!

Real fair, right?

Well the good news is, it doesn?t have to be that way! In fact, there is a step-by-step process you can use to go from ?friends? to much more with any woman in your life. I know, because I was ?the friend? for years and years. In fact, my entire college career was a blur of women I wished I slept with. But in fact, we were only friends.

Five years ago I made a vow to myself: to never be ?just friends? with a woman I was attracted to. And now, in this very article, I?m going to share what I learned with you. You?re going to see how easy it is to:

TURN ?HANG OUTS? INTO DATES! Can?t get her to ?go out? romantically? No sweat! Just make this change to turn any hang out into a romantic date. This is the single, easiest way to go out with a woman.

ADD CHEMISTRY WITH ANY WOMAN! Take your friendship and turn it into something more ?exciting.? Just follow this simple step-by-step guide to TOUCHING her! It makes her blush, go quiet and her eyes light up!

?WIN OUT? OVER OTHER MEN! Every beautiful woman has dozens of men who want her. Here?s how to stand head and shoulders ABOVE the crowd! This is so effective, you’ll laugh when you see how easy it is.

? And we?ll try to touch on a few more ?in depth? topics, as well.

For now, you need to know you?ve been lied to. For years. In fact, you?ve been lied to, your entire life. Because a ?friendship? between a man and a woman isn?t a ?friendship? at all. You see, a ?friendship? implies both people are equals. They respect each other, and treat each other fairly. Yet in a male ? female ?friendship,? this is rarely the case.

YOU give her your time, your energy, your effort, your favors, sometimes even your money and gifts…

? While SHE usually gives you the ?gift? of hanging out with you. Of telling you her sob stories. Of sharing gruesome and explicit details about her latest crush or break up. And the entire time she has you THINKING you two are ?friends.? She?s really USING you to make herself feel better.

Here?s what a REAL ?friendship? between a man and a woman looks like:

You give her your time. She gives you her attention. You both flirt because there?s a low-level of sexual tension, between both of you. Eventually, you probably hook up a few times. And she happily talks you up to her friends, so you have women to date. She contributes to your life. Just like you contribute to hers.

So how do you make ?the jump?? How do you go from one-sided taking, to a two-sided relationship? Really, it?s quite simple:

You see, most male-female ?friendships? don?t work because the sexual tension isn?t mutual. You?re sexually excited by her, but she doesn?t feel the same about you. This isn?t your fault! It?s society?s fault.

In every movie she watches, in every book she reads, in every song she listens to she gets messages that tell her you want her, sexually. And that it?s ?bad? or ?wrong? for her to want you, as well. The way you break this ?evil circle? is using more and more sexual TOUCH. An ex-girlfriend of mine said it best: ?You can tell when two people are lovers, because they have full access to each other?s bodies.? They feel comfortable touching each other, and it shows. This builds a nice level of sexual tension. But male-female FRIENDS never do this! They keep a personal bubble. And the only way to make her sexually attracted to you is to BREAK her personal bubble.

It makes her nervous, in a sexual way.

Now, there?s a right and a wrong way to do this. You DON?T want to go reaching or grabbing straight for her face or breasts. Obviously, you want to start small and work up. So, when you?re ?hanging out? try holding her hand to cross the street. Think of it like you?re protecting her, and keeping her safe from traffic. After doing this once or twice, keep holding her hand.

Now you have a nice level of sexual tension, and it wasn?t awkward at all!

Once you?re comfortable touching each other?s hands and arms, move to torso and legs. No sexual zones! Her sides, thighs, the places you?d touch if you got really excited, and needed to get her attention.

Finally, when you two are alone, escalate up to brushing the hair out of her face. Gently looking into her eyes and stroking her cheek ? and then move in for the kiss. Close the deal.

Being ?smooth? in touching is the biggest mistake most men make. Because of this, it?s the EASIEST way for you to ?stand out? over other men. You simply need to play it cool. Touch her. And keep your sexual progress with her slow and light. If you can do this ? you can go from ?friends? to MORE with ANY woman in your life.


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