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Time To Be A Better Man

Many guys get so submersed in the intricacies of the game that they never take a step back to see the bigger picture. Essentially, you are out there marketing a person. Yeah, you?re gonna need great marketing skills, but you must also have a product worth pitching.

How attractive is that person to women? Is he worth dating, pursuing or taking home to meet the parents? Or is he a dude she?s embarrassed to introduce to her friends, a boy she can have some fun with and that?s all, a Mr. Right Now and nothing more?

If being a girl?s flavor of the week is your goal, then no need to read on. But if you?re out there trying to bring quality women into your life ? and keep them there ? then let?s take a look at how a substantial lifestyle can meet this goal.


It?s very clear to all women date me that I LOVE cinema. They also find out I?m a huge music fan, I?m crazy about good food, I obsess over helping guys interact with women, and I consider my dog almost like a son. These are things I?m passionate about. There are many smaller interests and hobbies floating around, but when I speak about any of my true passions, it?s from a deeper emotional level.

A man who loves women and only women is a sad, sad little person. Girls may feel flattered and validated at first. However, as they scratch the surface to see what else is inside, and come up with nothing, they quickly lose attraction.

I?ve seen fellas get up and dance so insanely bad that the room comes to a stand-still to watch. But that guy is completely submersed in the joy of dancing, and he becomes a star. So don?t worry about whether the object of your passion is cool or not; as long as you have things that turn you on, aside from chicks, you will appear cool.

If you don?t have anything, then go out and try new activities. Fencing, sky diving, feeding the homeless. Get your hands dirty and figure out what stuff moves you spiritually. There are a gazillion groups full of people willing to show you the ropes. Any moment in your life you meet a new woman, you should have multiple projects, activities and events going on.


Sports, video games and cars are guy things. If you like that stuff, fine. But you?re gonna need something more. Be able to speak in depth about a range of topics. Books, films, food, wine, politics, travel. You don?t necessarily need to hold opinions on these things, simply a basic awareness and appreciation. And then as you meet new people, gain insights that will embellish upon this awareness.


Being assertive is a win in life, but especially when it comes to dating. You the man are expected to do everything, from approaching to proposing. It all falls on your shoulders. You are ultimately accountable for your relationships. Sorry, bro, but that?s life.

To make shit happen, you must be assertive. If you see something needs to be said or done, you take the reigns and get it handled. But lots of guys are not assertive. Typically, they are passive, and less often, aggressive. I have discussed assertiveness in another article, ?Three Ingredients of Taking Action,? but I also direct you to the excellent book, Your Perfect Right, which has been the Bible on assertiveness for many decades.

Develop a lifestyle that cultivates assertiveness. In fact, if you tend to be passive, then injecting some aggressiveness can help. Examples are any contact sport or boxing. Try out paintball. At very least, go work out at the gym (though this may not be sufficient).

It might help to find work that requires assertiveness. One summer I walked around a mall and performed market research; cold approaching people and trying to grill them about noodles for half an hour requires persistence.

Being Solid

Women expect the men in their lives to be solid: centered, balanced, grounded, present. This means that when she is being a girl, she can trust you will be there for her as a man.

Yoga is an excellent way to get out of your head and into your body, teaching people to find their center. You spend much of the time on your back (being grounded), must stand on one leg (being balanced), clear your head of thoughts (being present) and breathe through any discomfort you feel (being in your body). If you?re doing it right, you can?t help but shift your energy into your body, and specifically your center of being. Bikram yoga is an offshoot, putting you into an insufferably hot and humid room for an hour and a half. If that?s not your style, then stick to old-fashioned yoga, getting lessons at first and then performing it at home several times a week for an hour.

Martial arts can also help you to generate power from your core, to let energy move through you without blocking it, and to be present with your opponent. ? (Read More)

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