Top 6 Reasons You Should Date a Cougar

As If You Needed A Reason

More and more men of all ages are discovering the benefits of dating women who are slightly (and sometimes more than slightly) older than they are ? cougars.?If you?ve been living on another planet and haven?t noticed how well kept some older women are now, then you may be one of the few people who don?t know what a cougar is. In short, a cougar is a smoking hot older woman (think Demi Moore) who has taken extremely good care of herself, and who likes to date younger men. And she is likely on the prowl in your neighborhood.?Let?s look at the top six reasons that dating a cougar can be very advantageous.

Reason #6: She?s Experienced

Who doesn?t like being with a woman who knows the ropes, not just in the bedroom, but about life in general??Cougars know nearly everything there is to know when it comes to pleasing a man, and they aren?t afraid to use their talents.?But they are also sharp and wise when it comes to life and can most certainly show you a thing or two. Cougars have lived life, traveled, and have lots to talk about ? so there?s never a dull moment. Cougars are great listeners and the advice they give is as good as your mother?s.?Rarr!

Reason #5: She Pays Her Own Way

The cougar has been around long enough to accumulate her own wealth, and she doesn?t mind paying her own way (and sometimes paying yours, too).?No more forking over half your paycheck on Friday night to entertain a date. There?s definitely something to be said about an independent woman.?Most cougars are also generous to a fault and love to shower their current flames with presents.?No burger joints or no-tell motels for the cougar, however.?She?ll have you wining and dining at five-star restaurants and staying in the best B&Bs.?Be careful to not let the cougar think that you are taking advantage of her, though, or you?ll see her ferocious claws come out with frenzy ? cutting you to shreds and putting you quickly back in your place.

Reason #4: That Girl Can Cook!

If you?ve been living on your own for awhile, you?re probably growing tired of the takeout menu at the local Burger King. Cougars usually love to cook and know their way around the kitchen.?The cougar is ready to impress you with her culinary gifts, so pull up a seat and set the table for her.

Reason #3: She Knows What She Wants

How many times have you been late to go somewhere because you had to wait on a girl to get ready??Or have you played the little game that goes like this: ?Where do you want to eat?? ? ?I don?t know you pick? ? ?No, you pick.? Not so when dating a cougar. She?ll tell you where she wants to go and she?ll likely drive you there, too.?A cougar not only knows where she wants to eat, but when she gets there, she may order for both of you!

Reason #2: She?s Confident

The cougar is not only gorgeous but she?s also confident.?You will never hear her ask, ?Does this make me look fat???Because even if it did, she?s so confident that you wouldn?t notice.?And not only is she confident in her looks, she?s confident in her relationships.?She won?t stalk you, and she won?t secretly check your cell phone to see who you?ve been talking to.?She knows you?re too smart to want anyone but her.

Reason #1: Low Emotional Maintenance and No Drama

And so we arrive at the number one reason that you should date a cougar: no drama.?She will not text you fifty times a day to say ?hey?.?She won?t bombard you with the usual questions from younger women, like ?Where were you??, ?Why didn?t you call me back?? or ?Who were you with?? And you won?t hear her ask the dreaded question that no bachelor in his right mind wants to hear: ?Where is this relationship going???But don?t be surprised if you?re not tempted to ask her these questions!?Most cougars want a no-strings-attached relationship. Cougars are addictive and once you get hooked on one, you?ll have a hard time releasing her back into the ?wild?.

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