How Long Should You Wait Once You’ve Got Her Number?

The Two-Day Rule Is True, But Not All There Is

Congrats! You got her phone number! You can call her, text her, nearly whenever you want! So when?s the ?right? time? When can you call her so that you don?t seem too eager, but you don?t play too much ?hard to get?, either?

The answer is simple: You want to wait two days.

But obviously ? that?s just a general rule. There are a bunch of factors you can use to make your first phone call stand out in her mind. And I?ll show you those factors, in this article. Also, you?ll discover:

WHEN NOT TO CALL HER! Calling her at this time turns your phone call into an ?unwelcome interruption.? No matter how smooth or charming you are! Avoid calling her at this time, like your life depended on it.

THE TWO DAY RULE! And exactly when to call her, what to say, plus THE one, massive mistake most men make on the phone! Easily avoided, yet extremely powerful.

WHAT IF YOU ?BARELY? GOT HER NUMBER? Here?s how to turn a ?weak? first conversation into a STRONG relationship ? through one measly phone call! HINT: It?s mostly the ?sound? of your voice.

So let?s talk about the ?Two Day Rule:?

The rule of thumb is, if you get her phone number on a Wednesday, give her a call on Friday. Now, here?s the major mistake most men make: they use a rule and don?t question it. Ever.

You see, when you call a woman isn?t a textbook thing. There isn?t a clock in her brain that rings 48 hours from when you met her. She doesn?t spontaneously think, ?OK, it?s time for him to call me.?


Instead, her mind works like all our minds work. If we really like something, we want more of it. So the ?stronger? your initial conversation, the sooner you call her.

And if we get time to fantasize about someone, we like them more. So if your first conversation was medium or even weak, give her a little extra time before you call her. You may think giving her time will make her ?forget? you. And the truth is, it will. But when she remembers you, when you call, she will see you as a more charming version of yourself.

This is the same reason things in your childhood seem so ?rosy? and ?good.? There was the same amount of drama and conflict back then as there is now. But your brain has a hard time storing negative memories. We want to think of our childhoods are innocent. We want to think of the people who like us, who we gave our phone numbers to, as interesting, charming and sexually attractive.

By giving her a little bit more time to ?chill,? you let her see you in a much more positive light.

So when you?re relaxed and on the phone with her, you can let your real personality shine. And she won?t be judging you on a rushed, awkward conversation.

Don?t just focus on how many days you wait, though. What time of day you call her is EQUALLY important:

In fact, WHEN you call her may be more important than the DAY you call her. Try calling her late on a weeknight ? 11pm works best for me. You may think, ?But Vin, I don?t want to wake her up!? Wrong. You DO want to wake her up ? and here?s why:

When you wake her up, you get a chance to show off your confidence. If she says, ?I was sleeping? say, ?Not anymore. Now you?re talking to me!? Say it funny. Say it confidently. Say it the right way and she?ll go crazy for you.

What most men do is call her on a weekend. A Friday or Saturday night, when they?re about to go to, or at, a bar or club. This is terrible timing, because she?s out with her friends. And she?s probably having more fun with them, than she will on the phone with you. You lose out because no matter how skilled you are in conversation, the party, the booze, and her friends are all more interesting. So you come out looking boring when in fact, you?re quite charming.

(And back when I wasn?t anything CLOSE to a charmer I just came across as desperate!)

So remember ? wait two days. The stronger the first conversation, the sooner you can call her. Aim for weeknights at 11pm. Avoid weekend nights like the plague!

And whatever you do, have fun and be relaxed. Confidence comes across very clearly in your voice. So stay positive and upbeat, and she?ll have a great time on the phone with you.

Start talking about common ground. Ask her about her day. Tell her all the fun stories and events from your life. Generally, just chat like you would with an old friend. Don?t be witty. Allow yourself to be relaxed and ?boring.? Because when you give your mind permission to make mistakes, you?ll be amazed at how ?creative? you actually are.

Use the Two Day Rule ? and these easy guidelines ? and you?ll never call her at the ?wrong? time, ever again.

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