A No-Nonsense Guide to Motivation

How To Get Your Ass Out There

You would think that achieving your life-long goals would be enough motivation to get you out there on the streets approaching, but as we all know, it?s not quite as easy as that. Even with the insane amount of theory and techniques at your disposal, it takes a truckload of motivation to actually get off your backside and put that knowledge into action.

If anything, learning pick-up theory and material can actually stop you from taking action. You justify it to yourself as necessary, when in reality, you are just avoiding taking real action through a fear of failure. If gaming was as easy as sitting your pants having acronym-filled debates with fellow keyboard-jockeys, there?d be a lot more successful PUAs in the world.

(Note: I am aware of the irony of a ?pick up article? that tells you to act rather than read material, but bear with me.)

Admittedly there is a lot of information out there on the subject of motivation, but as Psychology professor Richard Wiseman observed in his book 59 Seconds, much of it is either wildly exaggerated or simply misleading. Staple self-help exercises like future projection (fantasizing about your goal) can actually prove detrimental to your personal development. Rather than encouraging you to act, you immerse yourself in escapism, which is hardly the recipe for self-improvement. Or once you do act and things don?t quite go as planned, the setbacks you encounter deter you from pursuing your goal further.

With that in mind, here?s an easy plan to help you take those all-important PHYSICAL steps to achieving your goal, whatever it may be.

Define Your Goal

It seems kind of obvious, but unless you have a specific goal in mind, you?re not going to get anywhere. Make your goal as specific as possible, i.e. something better than ?get better with women? which is so vague that you won?t know where to start.

Create a Step-by-Step Plan

Your overall goal needs to be broken down into smaller steps which will help keep you motivated on the road to success. Once you have achieved each step, reward yourself with something. This can be anything big or small, as long as it makes achieving the step all the sweeter.

Also, make sure that you have a deadline for achieving each step, otherwise you?ll get complacent. And as we all know, complacency leads to procrastination and hardcore keyboard-jockeying.

List the Benefits of Achieving Your Goal

Try to think beyond the immediately-obvious here. There are often more benefits to achieving your goal than you will have thought at first. Say your goal was to approach more women. The obvious benefits are more numbers, more dates, more sex, etc. But what about the ?secondary? benefits, such as improved confidence and social skills, or widening your friendship circle?

Tell People

Okay, so you?re probably not going to want to tell everyone about your goal, but by confiding in one or two people there?s a much greater chance that you?ll see it through to the end.

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