Day Game Openers

It’s A Completely Different Approach

One of the biggest problems guys face is not knowing what to say when they see a woman they want to talk to. Especially when they see a woman in the daytime. The first step to meeting women in daytime environment is the approach, but in this article you will find some examples of things you can say to start a conversation.

There are some differences between approaching women in the daytime than at night. You wouldn?t approach a woman in a grocery store the same way you would at a bar.

One of the main differences is that the women in the daytime generally do not expect to be approached, whereas at night they do?expect it. Especially when the woman is beautiful.

On top of that most women aren?t in a social mood to talk to people in the daytime and they usually are on a time constraint. She might be on her way to pickup a friend or is running late for work. That?s why it is advised to use direct approaches in the daytime, simply because you skip a couple of steps for a successful pickup.

At night you might have an hour to talk to a woman, but when you meet someone on the street she might be on her way to an appointment. This means you have to efficiently compress the interaction to a shorter period of time, starting off with an direct approach.

The structure of an direct conversation starter is this:

[get her attention] + [social calibrator] + [compliment]

You first have to get her attention before you can deliver your compliment. Between that is the social calibration, which means that you address the situation you?re both in, which is necessary to make her feel comfortable. The biggest part of your direct conversation starter (?opener?) is the compliment.

Let?s look at a couple direct openers:

?Excuse me, I just saw you walking past, and I had to come tell you that you look absolutely beautiful.?

?Excuse me, I just saw sitting there, and I wanted to come tell you that you look stunning.?

?Hi, I saw you from across the isle and I thought you looked gorgeous. I wanted to come introduce myself.?

These are all examples that follow the structure of an effective daytime opener. First part is a way to grab her attention, then the social calibration, and then the compliment. You can use these right away and if used correctly, you will have successfully started a conversation with a woman.

A good general rule for compliments is: the more specific, the better. Also, it should be an explicit physical interest in her attractiveness. A comment about her ?purse? or ?nice dress? is weak. However, you can start with something general and follow-up with something more specific.

For example:

?Excuse me, I saw you walking by, and I had to come tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous. I can tell you really take care of yourself.?

?Excuse me, I just saw sitting there, and I wanted to come tell you that you look stunning. I really like your sense of style.?

?Hi, I saw you from across the isle and I thought you looked gorgeous. I like how you put yourself together. I wanted to come introduce myself.?

The examples are all the same from above but added with a specific compliment. Feel free to play around with those and phrase them the way you normally talk so it is congruent with you.

All these openers are great for starting conversations with women you meet in coffee shops, malls, grocery stores, shopping streets, and any other place you meet women outside bars and clubs. After you have approached, you must continue the conversation. These are just examples of breaking the ice.


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