Improve Your Daygame by Teaming Up With a Wing

How To Use A Wingman

Daygame can be an immensely rewarding pursuit. Even before you get any real results, the positive reactions that gorgeous women give you are more than enough to encourage you to keep on trying.

Unfortunately, as we all know, good intentions aren?t enough in this game. You can spend hours doing visualization exercises, listening to high-energy music and reeling off affirmations in your head, only to be gripped with terror when you actually hit the streets.

Of course, this can still be the case if you game with a wing. But by having someone else to push you to act, you are far more likely to get positive results early on. But be careful – gaming with a wing can be detrimental if you don?t do it properly. So here are a few Dos and Don?ts for Daygaming with a wing.


1. Choose Your Wing Wisely

It would be nice to think that you and your best friend could hit the streets together, have a good laugh and easily approach with confidence. And this may be the case. However, it?s far more likely that your friend of 20 years is just as nervous and inexperienced as you are, if not more so, and the last thing you need is another over-active and irrational mind putting you off approaching!

If you don?t think any of your friends are up to the task, why not find a wing online? ( forum – coming soon!) That way you can be sure that your wing is as committed to improving as you are.

2. Alternate Approaches

This works as a great motivator. If it?s your turn to approach but you don?t have the balls to do so, you?re not only hurting your own game but your wing?s too. There?s nothing like a bit of good old fashioned guilt to give you that all important kick up the backside!

3. Speaking of Kicking?

If your wing is immune to emotional blackmail, why not try the physical kind instead? No, I don?t mean you should beat him if he fails to approach. Rather you should do everything physically (but reasonably) possible to make him do so. Literally push him into her if you have to. After 4 or 5 collisions he?ll realize that a calm and confident approach is much less socially-suicidal!

4. Analyze Your Wing?s Approaches (From a Distance, of Course ?)

Although at first your goal may be to just approach as many girls as possible, as time goes by you?ll want some more tangible results. So observe your wing?s approaches from a safe distance, noting both the positive and negative aspects. If you want to be really clever you could even record them via a microphone and/or video camera, although the latter would take a lot of cunning (or just a very good camera) if you want to avoid being spotted.


1. Talk Too Much

After 20 minutes of not getting anywhere, you may find yourselves having in-depth conversations to distract yourselves from the situation. Whether you?re talking about game, current events or the latest developments in potato farming, too much talk can create a kind of safety bubble around you that makes it even harder to approach. Remember: you?re not there to have a catch-up, you?re there to approach women.

2. Accept Excuses

?She?s too tall?, ?she?s too short?, ?she?s not blonde?enough?. These are just a few of the many excuses a nervous wing is likely to bring up. The key here is to set the parameters before hand. What kind of women does your wing like? Or are there any types he explicitly doesn?t like? If you know the criteria before hand it will be a lot harder for him to wriggle out of approaching when you point out his ideal woman across the street.

3. Spend Hours and Hours on the Street

If you give yourselves 6 hours to do 10 approaches each, not only will your legs feel like jelly by the mid-way point, your approaches will probably be so far apart that you won?t feel the benefit. Instead, aim for 10 approaches in an hour. That way the confidence boost you feel from each approach will roll into the next one, ensuring great results in a fraction of the time.

4. Be Smug

If you?re getting good results and your wing isn?t, chances are he?ll be feeling pretty bad about it. The last thing he needs in that situation is for you to rub your success in his face. This doesn?t mean that you should pretend to be non-plussed about k-closing a 10, but try to be sensitive and encouraging towards him when things don?t work out. In an ideal situation you want your wing to be at a similar ?level? as yourself, so try to keep him in a positive stake for both your sakes.

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