What Does It Mean If She Wants To Have Sex On A First Date?

The Lessons To Be Learned

So you had a good first date, and now you?re right outside your front door. You kiss. You ask her to come up. She says yes, and you spend the rest of the night ? and the next morning ? in each other?s arms.

It doesn’t always have to be bad …

The next morning the sun comes up, she grabs her clothes, gives you a last peck on the lips and then walks out of the door. After you pump your fist in the air once or twice, and give yourself a quick pat on the back, you start to wonder: ?What did that mean? How did we have sex on the first date? Does she do this with a bunch of guys? Does she really like me or did she just want sex??

And no matter how you try to shake it ? these thoughts burn through your mind, until you?re wondering whether you should call her again. Ever. Or not.

In this article, I?m gonna try to give you some perspective on what really happened during your one-night ? or more ? stand. I?ll tell you whether you should be worried, or not. Plus, you?ll discover:

– IS SHE GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL? Girls who hop into bed quick don?t stick around… right? WRONG! Here?s how to tell…
– HOW YOU CAN HAVE MORE FIRST DATE SEX: More often, more consistently, and with less and less effort! This is what most men WON?T tell you to do.
– DOES SHE REALLY LIKE YOU? Or was she just ?in the mood?? Despite what romance novels and corny movies say ? here?s the truth! (HINT: The answer is ?yes… maybe.?)

? Plus, we?ll dig a bit deeper into the one-night stand, and show you why it?s about to be a thing of the past! So, let?s dig into it:

The first question on your mind is probably, ?What did this mean??

What did it mean that we slept together on the first date? Does she really like me? Can we make a relationship out of this? And my advice here is: SLOW THE HELL DOWN!

It was just a first date, and you just had sex! The main mistake men make about relationships is they move too fast. For example: You know a woman wants a relationship, right? Well, have you ever suggested being ?exclusive? to a woman just because you wanted to keep her around? How about because you knew it would make her happy?

Well, I hate to tell you ? but those are both HUGE mistakes!

You see, relationships evolve naturally for both men and women from good sex. If you?re having great sex together, you will both naturally gain feelings for each other, and want to be exclusive. So just look as first date sex as a great start to what may ? or may not ? turn into a great relationship. Go on a second date, and see where it goes from there.

BUT KNOW THIS: She really likes you. Definitely.

Of course ? women have ?needs.? So every once in blue moon some woman somewhere will go home with a guy she doesn?t like, just because she?s horny. But it?s so rare! Because women KNOW how to get sex from men, and good looking women always have men following them.

So for a woman to go after a man she DOESN?T like for sex is so rare, it?s not even worth talking about here. If you guys hooked up on your first date, she was so attracted and turned on by you, she needed to have you. In the exact way you needed to have her. Plus, you both had a ton of fun together. In her mind, you?re doing well.

And since relationships naturally evolve out of sex ? she could very well be a great girlfriend as well. Don?t say she?s not ?girlfriend material? just yet! There?s a good chance she doesn?t casually hook up, and there?s an even better chance she?s worried about coming across like a slut.

So when you get in touch with her again, make sure you?re reassuring. Tell her you had a great time last night, and you?d like to see her again. The easiest way to have MORE one night stands is to have a great attitude about one night stands. This comes across in your body language, how you hold yourself, even your voice. And it all stems from you RESPECTING the woman you?re with ? even if it?s just for a night.

How can you tell if she?s going to be a good girlfriend? Well, I?ve got a real treat for you…

? You simply turn your ?one night stand? into a ?one week stand.? See her every couple of days for a week, and see if you guys click. If you do ? keep your relationship going. If you don?t ? part ways. Neither of you will feel used or have hard feelings. Plus, you get a full week?s worth of pretty good to great sex from what usually would have been a one night stand! That?s a win-win in my book.

Now go enjoy some first date sex, without feeling guilty!

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