4 Questions About Hair Restoration for Men

As male hair loss is a common problem men begin to face as early as their twenties, we thought it would be a good idea to get an expert on the subject to talk about some of the options that men have. And the experts over at Bosley, a hair restoration firm with offices all over the?U.S. and Mexico, have provided me with some answers to my questions?about hair loss.

1. Is there a way to make hair restoration look natural?

We get this question from time to time, most often from people who have not seen just now natural today?s hair restoration procedure looks.? The techniques of the past involved placing larger groupings of follicles ? or plugs, in the recipient area, which could result in hair that looked doll-like and clumpy. Today?s modern hair restoration procedure is a process where individual follicular units, each containing anywhere from one to four strands of hair, are artistically place on the top and front of the head in a manner that mimics natural hair patterns.?Skilled physicians, like those at Bosley, are trained not just in the technical aspects of follicular graft removal and placement, but also on the artistic sensitivity necessary to locate and place the grafts in such a way that they look and feel completely natural.?As Dr. Bosley used to say, ?The reason you can?t see a good hair restoration is just that, you can?t see the good ones.?You only see the bad ones.? Fortunately, with today?s technology and techniques, it?s rare to see a badly done modern transplant.

2. What is the total time for the process?

The procedure itself take the better part of a day ? depending on how many grafts you have.?It?s an outpatient procedure, and many patients are able to go to work the next day. Full growth from the procedure takes anywhere from 6-12 months, and the growth process is very gradual, so it?s often difficult for others to detect that a person has had a hair restoration procedure.

3. What type of guy/ or hair loss will benefit most from treatment?

That?s a difficult question to answer.?Whether you have minimal hair loss and are looking to stay ahead of the balding process, or you have significant hair loss and are looking to restore what you once had, a hair restoration procedure can be very beneficial.?It?s important to realize that once hair loss has occurred, you can never return to the full head of hair you once had. ?Those with significant hair loss can still achieve very desirable cosmetic improvements ? but it?s important to speak with a well trained, qualified physician who can show you actual results of patients with your similar degree of hair loss so you can make an informed decision.

4. Are there any non surgical ways to get your hair back?

For the vast majority of men, the answer is ?no?.?There are two FDA approved treatments, Minoxidil (commonly referred to as Rogaine) and Finasteride (commonly referred to as Propecia) which have been shown to slow and in some cases, stop the progression of hair loss.?However, very rarely do these products ever result in cosmetically significant hair growth.?Also, these products work best on the top and back of the head, but rarely do they work on the front of the head in the hairline area.?For those who do find success with these products, it?s important to note that they require ongoing use to sustain the results. If you stop losing the product, any benefits achieved will be quickly lost.

You can also find plenty of before/after pictures of hair restoration?here.

Please keep in mind that hair loss and its treatments are medical considerations. And with everything of the medical nature, you should seek the opinions of your qualified physicians.


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