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Why Women Dig Nerdy Guys

If you believe everything you read, you might believe that a nerdy guy doesn?t stand a chance with women. Yet, when you take a look around, you?ll see that many truly beautiful women are paired up with guys who look like total nerds. The truth is, many women are actually attracted to nerdy guys. That fact is actually not too surprising, when you consider everything that a nerdy guy has to offer a woman.

Nerdy Guys ?Have Their Act Together?

These men have a strong sense of who they are, and are not easily swayed by unimportant things such as fashion. You have to admire a man who is secure enough within himself not to care what the current trends are. They tend to focus on more important things, which can be a very desirable trait. Women often look for men who are solid, dependable and seem to have a plan for their life. After all, a guy?s hairstyle or the clothes he wears doesn?t mean as much as the person he is inside.

Nerds Usually Have Earning Power

Sure, money isn?t everything, but it does come in handy. While that guy with the stylish clothes and hairstyle flips burgers at the local fast food restaurant, the nerdy guy is often writing computer code or working on his latest engineering project. These skills usually guarantee a good job that pays a healthy salary. Women are usually smart enough to realize that smart guys tend to rise to the top of the earning ladder. Even a woman who isn?t preoccupied with money tends to be more interested in a guy that has money, as compared to a guy that doesn?t.

A ?Diamond in the Rough?

If you find a great guy that happens to be a nerd, you?ll also have less danger of other women trying to steal him away from you. That?s not to say that it never happens, but since a nerd often looks like a ?diamond in the rough,? other women often steer clear and move on to more attractive prospects. They just don?t realize that there?s a really great guy hiding under that rough exterior. Of course, don?t kid yourself that your ?diamond in the rough? is going to smooth his edges for you, either. Nerdy guys are usually quite comfortable with who they are, and as such don?t see the need to change their appearance for other people. This in itself can be a very attractive quality in a guy.

Dedication and Focus

That same single-minded focus that they apply to their intellectual pursuits is also usually applied to their relationships. Nerdy guys are not known for being changeable or fickle. They usually analyze the situation and when they find something that works for them, they stick with it. While this might not always be one of their most endearing traits, it can be a very positive thing in a relationship. While other women worry constantly about their cute boyfriend being distracted by other women, you?ll be safe and secure in a solid relationship with your nerdy and yet lovable and dependable partner.


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