How To Get Laid In 30 Days

It’s Easier Than You Think

Sex is a basic human need. Not want, not desire, but need. This means that to humans ? and to men, especially ? having a full, exciting and active sex life is a must, if we want to be happy, healthy people. And if you?re not having sex, you crave it. On a physical level, on a spiritual level and on an emotional level ? sex literally takes over your mind.

So let?s say you?re going through a dry spell. There?s no shame in it ? I had a dry spell that lasted YEARS. And in fact, I still have a dry spell for a week or two, here and there.

The good news is, these ?dry spells? are short lived. And if you know what to do ? you can break out of your dry spell in as little as thirty days. Yes, you heard me right. If you know what you?re doing, you can get a woman into bed just one month from now, even if you?re no good with women, right now.

Let me give you a couple of things you?re going to need, to make it easier:

1. Access to women. Living in a city makes it SO MUCH easier to meet women than living in a small town. I know, I used to live in a town with only 5,000 people in it. The house I grew up in had cows grazing in the pasture across the road. But you can still find a place within a few miles that has beautiful women there. Try the local mall. Try local bars and clubs. Try the nearest city you can find, and stay over for the weekend ? so you can meet women on the street.

The main rule for meeting women is: If you?re not around women, you can?t meet women. It?s that simple. The biggest mistake men make when trying to meet women is sitting home, reading articles online about how to make women. No way! Get up off your ass and go put yourself into the same building ? or on the same block ? as beautiful women. That?s an order soldier! Now get to it!

The only other thing you’ll ?need? to meet women is…

2. An upbeat personality ? and the ability to ?take? rejection. Being cheerful and positive is a crucial skill when you?re meeting women. Hell, it?s your most important tool. Because ?confidence? is just the ability to keep a happy attitude and straight face around tough situations. That?s it.

And once you?ve met a few beautiful women and got their phone numbers, I PROMISE you ? you won?t worry about what ANY woman thinks about you. You will know, deep down in your heart that you can attract women.

But until you get that first success, you?re going to screw up a little. Maybe even a lot. You just need to keep your head up and talk to another woman. Think about meeting women not like something you do better or worse than other people. Instead, I like to think about it like a talent or skill you can build. In fact, I like to think about ?meeting women? like a skill in an RPG video game. The more experience you get, the higher levels you are. And women want ?high level? guys.

You can?t get those levels without experience. And you can?t get that experience without some good old fashioned scrapes and bruises. So keep your head up if a woman doesn?t give you her number or want to talk. You need that rejection for experience. PLUS ? she missed out on a good thing! She could?ve had the deal of the century!

Because if you follow the simple advice I?m about to give you ? you will have MASTER levels in ?Meeting Women?, just one month from now. Ready? Here are your instructions, for the next 30 days:

FIRST ? Spend a little money. I know this isn?t the most appealing way to start, but hear me out. Women look at your hair and your style and make an instant judgment about you. And since her judgments can make talking to her easier or harder, we want to give you GOOD first impressions.

The easiest way to do this is splurge on a) a ?decent? haircut and b) ?presentable? clothes. My advice? Just go find a salon and store with a style you like, cross your fingers, and put your hair / style in the hands of a pretty woman working there. If you do that, the few bucks you spend on a new haircut and decent threads will pay off in spades, later on. Don?t go fancy or flashy, just aim for ?normal? or better.

SECOND ? Put yourself on an ?approach schedule.? This means, make a promise to yourself that you will walk up and talk to X number of beautiful women per week. If you talk to just 4 beautiful women every week, I promise you will see incredible success with women, very quickly. However, if you really want to see great success quickly, bump up the numbers. Talk to 6. Talk to 10. Here?s the secret to this whole process:

Don?t worry about what you say. Don?t try to impress her. Just start a conversation, relax and enjoy it. Your goal right now is just to start 4, 6, or even 10 conversations with women. Eventually, you will aim to get phone numbers from every woman you talk to. Then, you?ll try to get instant dates.

Eventually, you?re going to be meeting a new woman AND going on a date, almost every day of the week. By the end of the 30 days. And at that point, you?re home free. After a few dates, you?ll find a beautiful woman in your bed.

So how do you actually DO those 4, 6, or 10 approaches per week? Well, it?s actually quite simple:

THIRD ? Make a bet with a friend. Make it for money. And make it for an amount of money you CAN?T AFFORD TO LOSE!

When I started doing this program, I wasn?t rich at all. In fact, I was dead broke. I had about one thousand dollars to my name, and next month that one thousand dollars was going to be gone. Because I needed it to pay for rent, my car, insurance, food… you name it. I could not afford to lose that one thousand dollars. So, I made a bet with my friend: I told him, ?Man, I gotta talk to more women. So, if I don?t talk to 4 women this week, I?m going to owe you one thousand dollars.?

You better believe I talked to 4 women! In fact, it wasn?t even as scary. Because every time I got nervous about talking to a woman, I imagined how much scarier it would be to lose every dime and penny I had. Losing my car, losing my place, living on the streets with no food…

Take it a step further. Actually GIVE the money to your friend, and tell him not to give it back unless you do the approaches. I think you?ll find yourself extremely motivated to talk to women! And after you?ve done the first 10 or so, you?re going to want to talk to women automatically.

You?ll see how much fun you can have, chatting up beautiful women. And you?ll be one big, giant step closer to getting laid in 30 days.

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