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How to Spruce Up Your Bachelor Pad to Impress a Date

It Doesn’t Take Much

If you?ve ever had the feeling that your bachelor pad might be turning women off instead of impressing them, it?s time to make a few changes. It?s easy to get into a decorating rut with a bachelor pad, since you?re likely more interested in comfort and convenience as opposed to style and beauty.

However, the woman in your life is likely to notice those little styling details, even if they seem unimportant to you. Here are some tips you can use to transform your bachelor pad into an apartment that will impress the ladies.

Learning to Decorate Like an Adult

This doesn?t mean that you have to banish your gaming chair and X-Box from your apartment, but it shouldn?t be the design centerpiece of the room.

Women are looking for areas that are set up for conversation and dining, and are less impressed with your most recent gaming equipment acquisition. You should also tone down your sporting and exercise equipment, especially in the living room and bedroom.

Moving these items to an unused room can really help improve the overall look of the rest of your living area. You shouldn?t feel obligated to discard your favorite comic books or sports card collection, but the coffee table might not be the best place to display them.

Tame the Clutter

No woman is going to be impressed with your apartment if it is a cluttered mess. Tame the clutter by adding a few pieces of storage furniture to your rooms.

An ottoman with hidden storage will allow you to quickly clean up a room, even if your date is already on her way over. A full-height bookcase is also a great way of adding storage space to a room, which will also help to reduce clutter in other areas of the apartment.

If you can?t bear to part with your clutter, think in terms of keeping it out of sight. A pile of papers that looks messy stacked on the coffee table will be harmless in a decorative covered basket or box.

Good Housekeeping is Important

You may not have a maid at your disposal, but you should still keep your apartment clean.

This means using a laundry hamper for your dirty clothes, instead of scattering them around on the floor. Keeping the bathroom clean doesn’t really take a lot of effort, but it will really impress the ladies. Don?t let a big pile of dirty dishes stack up in the kitchen sink, and always make your bed.

Once you get in the habit, you?ll find that these little cleaning tasks are easy and quick to do. You?ll also find that the ladies will really be impressed with your good housekeeping skills.

Choosing Date-Friendly Decorating Items

A picture of your ex-girlfriend on the bookcase is not going to endear you to your new girlfriend. Neither are decorations that look as though they were purchased by a woman.

Even if you know that cute teddy bear was a gift from your mom or sister, your date isn?t going to know that. Try to limit the feminine touches, since a woman is likely to interpret them as proof that you have another woman in your life.

Displaying your favorite ?self-help? book on the coffee table is probably also not a great idea. If your apartment looks neat and pulled-together, your date will think you are as well.

Senior staff writer for, Edward Dickinson, offers design advice on decorating with decorative wall art and car metal wall art.

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