Topical Cream, 9.17.10

Mexico?s Independence Day: I?m a tad ashamed to admit that I always thought Cinco de Mayo was Mexican Independence Day, but that?s probably because of all the fireworks and drinking, which is how we celebrate on the Fourth of July. Turns out, September 16 is the actual day, so celebrated with a photo-heavy list of the 50 hottest Latina ladies, linked above.

Every Day Should Be Saturday: Not everyone loves college football, we know that. But what if your football talk came wrapped up in a burrito with booze, swearwords and lengthy conversations with a very smitey Old Testament God? Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson manage to keep the funny coming even during the long, cruel months of recruiting and player arrests that precede the actual season. Read them when there?s actual football, like now, and you?ve got a comedy goldmine.

The DVR of Life: A company named Looxcie has created a $200 camera that clips over the human ear like a Bluetooth headseat. It?s recording video ALL THE TIME. First of all, this makes America?s Funniest Home Videos completely obsolete. If your buddy gets hit in the nuts on the golf course, it?s on Youtube 60 seconds later. My other prediction is that everyone will be lawyered up all the time, because every little mistake will be on record. Still, kind of cool, right?

: Ever wonder what happened to the beautiful young woman from the film Slumdog Millionaire? She?s

still acting, and GQ has a spectacular layout of photos of her that should help ratchet up interest in her movies, and in looking at super-hot ladies in general. It?s a growth industry.

Binder Clips: Binder clips are one of those things you never really think about, but they turn out to be endlessly useful. Sure, you can clip papers together, but that?s just the beginning. When I worked in a cubicle, I used them as cut-rate grip strengtheners, used them to surreptitiously seal the sleeve of my cube neighbor?s jacket shut when he wasn?t looking, and even built a realistic-looking model of a T. Rex. They?re like legos for grown-ups. In fact, Lifehacker says you can use the durn things to sharpen knife blades. Amazing.

Know Your Meme: If you spend a fair amount of time on the internet (and here you are, after all) eventually it will happen to you. Everyone around you will be spouting a catchphrase you?ve never heard in your life. These things have a limited shelf-life, too, so if you want to get in on the meme before it becomes yesterday?s news, you have to get up to speed quickly. Fortunately, the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies has your back. The website gives exhaustive histories and explanations for quirky stuff from Watermelon Headshot to Bed Intruder.

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