How To Keep Your Girlfriend LOCKED DOWN

Seal the Deal

So you?ve started dating an amazing woman. From the bottom of my heart ? congratulations! The warm, loving touch of a woman who cares about you is the most fulfilling thing you can have as a man.

Never even mind having sex as often as you wish, or the fact sex gets better the more times you have it with the same woman. Never mind the jealous looks you get from other men, as you walk down the street with her ? hand in hand. Never even mind the back rubs, the foot rubs, the late night phone calls, the pep talks when your spirits or down. No…

? On top of ALL THAT ? You finally found a woman who ? hopefully ? sees the potential you have as a man. And can appreciate YOU at your most honest, vulnerable, proud and passionate. You finally found a woman who will do her best to make you a better man. And love you for it.

Now that you found this treasure of a woman ? and I can assure you, they are as rare as lottery winners ? you probably want to keep her around for awhile. Hell, you may want to keep her around for as long as possible! And since I?ve had relationships with the same few women for over 7 years now ? even while I?ve been dating other women who have come and gone ? I may be able to help you out. Even though this article is short, you?re gonna discover three really cool things:

  • HOW TO BUILD A BULLET-PROOF RELATIONSHIP! The ?corner stone? emotion that keeps her from cheating, keeps her from leaving, and keeps her happy, in ANY relationship!
  • THE ?HIDDEN FLAME? that keeps your sex life hot and heavy for years and years! WARNING: Miss this, and all the love in the world couldn?t keep you together.
  • GET MORE LOVIN? THAN ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS! And all you have to do is toss strips of paper into a hat!

?And, hopefully, you?ll find a couple things you can improve in your relationship NOW, to keep her around. Before you have to learn from mistakes, like I did. So, let?s talk about what a great, long lasting relationship takes, from a man.

Honestly ? The most important thing you bring to the table is trust. And a close second is your POWER and confidence. I?m going to take one sentence to talk about power, and just one sentence ? but it?s extremely important:

A woman wants to be in a relationship with a strong man. Period. This means a man who makes decisions and chooses his own path in life. I talk on and on and on about this in other articles, my books and even my daily newsletters, so I

won?t belabor the point, here. All YOU have to keep in mind is not to be a pushover. To never be a ?yes ma?am? boyfriend. Keep that in mind ? and you?ll be fine.

What you REALLY need ? that most men have no idea how to build in their women ? is TRUST.

This trust is the kind of trust she can share her deepest life secrets with you. She can feel free to open up to you, sexually. And she will trust you if you tell her you aren?t cheating, you aren?t lying and you aren?t doing her any harm.

(Which you shouldn?t be. An open, honest relationship is the only way to avoid conflict down the road!)

You create this trust by getting her to open up to you. You can also gain this trust by being open and honest with her. Because trust is a funny thing. When you give it to other people, they give it back to you. It?s like most people are scared to do something, so they?re looking to someone strong for cues. If he moves, they move. If he coughs, they cough. If he laughs, they laugh.

You want to be the leader. The guy other guys ? and women ? follow. And the way to do this is have the courage to be vulnerable, honest and reveal yourself. You may think, like I did for many and many years, that showing a woman you love exactly who you are will either make you weak or drive her away.

  • If you tell her what you want from sex, she?ll think you’re a dirty pig.
  • If you tell her you want to take it slow, and see other people, she?ll think you don?t love her.
  • If you tell her you need space, or time alone, she?ll think you’re being selfish.

? But in years and YEARS of trial and error, I?ve found the opposite to be true: The more you open up and reveal yourself, the more people around you accept you. They love you. They trust you. Even if someone in YOUR past hurt you, years ago.

So open up. Tell her how you feel. You won?t get all soft or mushy, because you?re not trying to be soft or mushy to win her over. You?re simply talking about your wants, needs and emotions ? exactly as they are, for you. So they?ll be masculine. They?ll be strong. They?ll turn her on. And they?ll help her trust you.

Now, once you have that level of bond and trust, you want to keep the sex hot, right? Because getting physical night after night is worthless if neither one of you enjoy it. Can you guess how to spice up your sex life? That?s right, you need to keep things interesting. VARIETY is the key to a long term sex life.

  • This can happen in a ?random sex game? hat you draw from, every week.
  • This can happen by talking to each other about different things you like in bed.
  • This can simply mean you experiment on each other with stuff you?ve never tried before.

Whatever it is ? if you make a mental note to keep the sex from getting ?routine? or ?vanilla? your woman will reward you by giving you more lovin? than any man in any relationship you know. I?m talking about whatever you want. Whenever you want. All you need to do is keep her interested. And she already likes you ? so it?s super easy.

I hope that little guide helped you out. And I wish you the best of success in your relationship. Remember ? TRUST and VARIETY are your very best friends.

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