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Imagine you have just closed the two hottest girls in the bar to meet you the following night at a club. Two of your wings watched in awe as both girls were fighting for your attention and begging to see you again. The set seemed to go perfectly, something that seems to only happen a few times in any PUA?s life, you were on fire! Feeling on top of the world, you treat your wings to a drink and call it an early night to be well rested for your meet up with the two girls.

After using text game to confirm your logistics with the two girls, you go through your traditional pre-game ritual and call your wing to tell him how excited you are. Next comes the moment of truth. You arrive at the club 15 minutes before the girls arrive but there?s a problem. There is a line around the block and it doesn?t seem to be moving anytime soon. Luckily, you remember a friend mentioning how he had once showed up to a club with two girls and he was permitted to skip the queue. With some quick thinking, you decide to use this as your game plan.

The girls arrive and are genuinely excited to see you; the only problem is the doorman appears to be even more excited to see them. The doorman invites the girls to skip the line and you follow only to be told you?ll have to wait in the queue and pay a $40 dollar cover! The girls disappear and leave you with nothing more than an apology text and a disappointing night.

My goal with this article is to ensure you never end up in this situation and to reduce any potential logistical problems. It?s amazing how your ability to close girls will skyrocket when logistics are in your favor. It all starts with good venue selection.

The first and most important principle when picking a good venue is logistics. Even if you have the best game in the world, without logistics in your favor, it will be physically impossible to close any girl. The easiest way to successfully close a girl is to bounce to another location and isolate. This means your main consideration when picking a venue
should be how close the venue is to a place where you can isolate the girl and close her. The closer you are to your close location, the better your chances are of being successfully. This principle applies to both game venues and date locations.

Whether you are an AFC or an MPUA, you may find it difficult to convince a girl to join you at your apartment or hotel room if you have just met her. A simple way to improve your odds is to bounce a girl to an intermediate location before bouncing to your close location. Another bar, restaurant or park are all great examples are great examples of an intermediate bounce. Even the most experienced and well know MPUA?s will bounce a girl to an intermediate location before isolating to a close location.

The second principle when picking a good venue is social proof. It is common pickup knowledge that having social proof, in our case people reacting positively towards you and making an effort to get your attention, increases your perceived attractiveness. A great example of this is the host of a party. Everyone knows him/her and fights for their attention. People will subconsciously notice this and be drawn in. When picking a good venue, you must take this into consideration.

The easiest way to build social proof in a venue is to go often and befriend the staff. By going to the same venue consistently, an example being at Tiger Bar every Friday night, your chances of befriending the staff and becoming a regular increase with each visit. Befriending the staff and being a regular means you will always have social proof in that venue and you may even get a free drink here or there. In the example at the beginning of the article, the unlucky PUA had never been to the nightclub before and was therefore left out. Had the PUA gone to that venue every Friday for the past year, he assuredly would be welcomed in because the bouncers would know him as a regular and he would have a great night with the two girls.

The third principle when picking a good venue is picking a venue that attracts the type of girls you?re already interested in. For example, it makes more sense to look for girls interested in hip-hop music in a hip-hop club than in a coffee shop. By increasing your exposure to the type of girl you?re interested in, you significantly improve your chances of finding the girl or girls of your dreams.

If you follow the 3 principles on how to pick a good venue, your results will improve immediately. To improve things even further, we can follow a few sub-principles.

The first sub-principle when picking a good venue, specifically a night game venue or party, is getting to the venue early. Regardless of what venue you choose, arriving early will improve the odds in your favor. Arriving early will allow you to build some social proof, get a better feel for the venue, approach more easily and spend more time with your desired target. A very important principle in game is the more time you spend with a girl, the better your chances are of closing her that night or seeing her again. If your goal is to sleep with a girl, spending 2 hours with 1 girl is more effective than spending 10 minutes with 12 different girls. Getting to the venue early will allow you plenty of time to find a set that interests you and then still have time left to run some solid game.

The second sub-principle when picking a good venue is to find a venue with more women than men. Without doing anything differently, selecting a venue with more women than men will instantly improve your chances of success. Additionally, you will run into fewer AMOG?s, which can be especially helpful for newer PUA?s.

By considering logistics, using social proof and picking a venue that attracts the type of girls you?re interested in, you?ve improved your chances without even speaking to a girl. To further improve your chances, arrive at the venue early and select a venue that tends to attract more women than men. Once you?ve selected a good venue, game as normal and enjoy the rewards!


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