Topical Cream, 9.24.10

I?m still working on ?sit?: This video is by the band OK Go, who tend to work harder than any other band in history when it comes time to make a video. You may remember their intricate dance of the treadmill walkers from ?Million Ways?. The current video, for their new song ?White Knuckles? has been called the most difficult animal stunt ever. It?s all in real time, no cuts or camera tricks, and it took nearly 100 takes to come off.

Walkoff Walk: If you want to know which baseball teams are surging toward the playoffs and which players will have a postseason impact, you might find that on the mega-fun baseball site Walkoff Walk. If you want to know which player is best equipped to form-tackle an errant fan or which superstar will buy you a bowl of soup in a restaurant, you can definitely find that here. WoW, they make baseball fun.

Gugu, Gaga: J. J. Abrams (Alias) likes to make TV shows about spies. His latest is ?Undercovers?, which stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and some dude I didn?t pay much attention to. Gugu (short for Gugulethu) is a Brit playing American, and she is gorgeous. Anglophiles may remember her from an episode of the BBC?s latest version of ?Dr. Who?.

This message will self destruct?: All this time, I imagined British WWII spies lugging little code-books around as they penetrated Germany under cover of night. Turns out it may have been the 1942 version of Hustler, instead. Why? Because a fellow by the name of ? I?m not joking ? Mansfield Cumming discovered that semen worked as an excellent source of invisible ink. Gives a whole new meaning to ?giving one?s all for England?, eh?

Naked Terrorism: Apparently an influx of hedonistic wife-swappers to the small French town of Cap D?Agde is really chapping the asses of the local nudist colony, who don?t choose to be associated with such rabble. Tensions between the clothing-optional and the social-mores-optional crowds have become quite elevated recently. Apparently a couple of free-sex clubs have been firebombed, presumably by someone who feels no pressure to cover his baguette in public.

: In case the recent hullabaloo over reporter Ines Sainz in the Jets locker room escaped your notice, I?d just like to re-iterate that our friends from south of the border are light-years ahead of us in sportsbabe technology. , who attracted worldwide attention for her broadcasts (and standing around near the field) during the recently completed World Cup, is our latest example of that bedrock truth.


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