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How to Meet Women at the Gym: Part 1

This article will have two parts, as meeting women in the gym requires a bit of navigation, as it is different from other situations.

?How can I pickup women at the gym?? This is a common question I get from clients, and something I?ve had to figure out for myself. Any time I consult a client, I try to find a way for him to achieve his goals in the easiest way possible.

Any guy who?s worked out at a gym knows there?s always that one girl on the elliptical machine, or the butterfly machine, wearing tight-ass spandex and a little tank top. She?s wearing just enough lipstick and eye-shadow to look sexy. Her hair is in a pony tail, and her neck is glistening with yummy girl-sweat. But the look on her face is all business, and her headphones keep her in another world, hard to reach.

There are three challenges to meeting women at the gym.

  • The woman you are interested in looks totally focused on her workout, and is listening to her mp3 player. She is in her own world, uninterested in meeting guys.
  • You are the type of guy who gets very nervous showing interest in women, regardless of the situation.
  • You don?t like to socialize at the gym ? it?s your sanctuary and a place where you go to focus on developing yourself. It feels like a big leap to go from your laser-beam focus, to thinking of a way to break the ice with a girl on the yoga mat.

I believe in working smart and using leverage points whenever possible. In this case, I?ll break down five easy steps you can take to start adding gym honeys to your roster! And remember, none of this is fancy ?game.? I don?t want you to look like a player.

Let?s go!

The main difference between the gym and a bar, or caf? (or anywhere else you meet women), is that you must proceed sloooowly. Don?t try to seduce her in one conversation. So here are five fundamental ways to get your gym game going.

The Fundamentals

1. First and foremost, you must look like a solid man. Just as you check out the women at the gym, the women are checking you out too (they are just more sneaky about it). No weird/over-the-top clothes.

Standard gear consists of basketball shorts or sweats, and a worn out t-shirt from college with the sleeves ripped off. This makes you look like you know what you are doing in the gym, and you don?t care about impressing anyone ? very masculine and sexy from a woman?s perspective. No jeans, no spandex, and no coordinated Nike outfits.

2. Keep your mood and energy up. Listen to music that gets you amped, and make sure to include some big lifts in your work out (squats, bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc). This keeps your energy and testosterone high, which will make you feel much more confident. It?s very hard to approach women in any situation if you are feeling tired or lacking desire.

3. Befriend the staff, and occasionally talk to the other guys working out. Don?t overdo it, but by looking like a social, approachable guy, women will feel more comfortable talking to you. Once you are well-known by other members, and staff, you will be ?socially-proofed,? making you look more attractive. In high school, this was called being ?popular.? But as an adult, it?s very easy to achieve the elusive ?popular status.?

4. Ok, now that we have the basics handled, it?s time to start a conversation. The easiest way I?ve found to do this is to ask a simple situational question, or give her a compliment on her work-out effort. The best time to do this is in between sets, or even better, when she is in between exercises ? for example, she is finished on the treadmill and is about to move on to something else.

5. The headphone trap?

If she?s wearing headphones, lock eyes, take your headphones out and nod your head up, to show you are about to say something to her. You must really commit to this sequence, because if you talk while her headphones are on, you might come off as a nuisance and look clumsy. She will realize you want to talk to her, and will naturally take her headphones out.

If she is totally oblivious, simply say ?Hey,? in a friendly way while giving her another up-nod. Try not to use hand gestures to get her attention, and never touch to get her attention ? both of these moves look try-hard.

Remember, since you are progressing gradually, something really simple, said in a casual, friendly way, is all you need to break the ice.

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