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Best Hangover Remedies Revealed

Get Rid Of That Headache

The hangover is sometimes referred to as proof of God?s sense of humor, but if you?re the one who is dealing with the nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, headache, and other problems after a night nursing Jose Cuervo, nothing sounds funny from your point of view. Your old buddies Jack Daniels and Jim Beam never told you that you?d feel worse than death when you woke up in the morning, did they? The best hangover remedies are the ones that help you to rehydrate your body. Yes, booze does launch the body into a state of dehydration because it takes a lot of water in order to filter out the alcohol that you consumed. Fortunately, this too shall pass. The hangover remedies that follow will make it pass faster.

It's never pleasant

Getting Back to Normal

? Get some sleep. This is a no-brainer. You?ve probably heard of ?sleeping it off?. Now put it to practice. Sleep allows your body time to return to normal and to repair the damage that was done after a night of guzzling. Getting rest is important to getting back to your old self again. You will survive. Sleep it off.
? Avoid more alcohol. Sure, you?ve always heard that a bit of ?hair of the dog? first thing in the morning will take away your hangover, you will just end up drunk again ? and eventually with an even worse hangover all together.
? Avoid caffeinated beverages, including the traditional hangover drink, coffee. ?Caffeinated drinks have diuretic properties that will just make you even more dehydrated. Drink water, fruit juice, Gatorade or other sports drinks instead. Some people swear by pickle juice, but that may end up just making you feel sicker.
? Have a Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is the non-alcoholic version of the Bloody Mary. The celery and tomato juice are loaded with vitamins that will help you to recuperate faster.
? Take a cold shower. The invigorating water will help to wake you up and restore your senses.
? Get moving. Exercise or other physical activity like swimming or riding an exercise bike will help your body to move the toxins from the alcohol out of your body faster, especially if you work up a sweat.
? Take it easy on the pain killers. Pain remedies like ibuprofen and Tylenol have increased side effects when combined with alcohol, so avoid them if you can. Aspirin, which works to thin the blood, can also make you feel more hung over than you really are.
? Get your vitamins. ?Drink a full glass of water and a dose of Vitamin B12 before crashing for the night.

Avoiding Hangovers

While the only true way to avoid a hangover is to avoid binge drinking, there are some good choices that you can make before you start drinking that will lessen the misery you are destined to feel the next morning. ?Consider:

? Eating before partying. Eat a meal beforehand, particularly one that is loaded with starches that will help to absorb the alcohol. Eat while you drink, such as peanuts or popcorn.
? Hydrating before hitting the bars. Drink water and fruit juice now so that your body is super-hydrated before you begin imbibing.
? Picking the right ?poison?. ?Dark liquor has a greater tendency to give you a headache than lighter-colored or clear liquors. Avoid drinking beer before drinking liquor if you want to avoid a monumental hangover.
? Pacing yourself. Aim to drink no more than one drink per hour. Your liver can process alcohol at the rate of around one beer each hour, so drinking slowly will allow your body to have the chance to keep up.

Hopefully these tips will help you to avoid the type of hangover that feels like a tiny man is inside your head, pounding away with a jack hammer. ?And on a more serious note, if you or anyone that you are partying with experiences the signs of alcohol poisoning, dial 9-1-1 or seek immediate help from the nearest emergency room. ?This includes vomiting, seizures, mental confusion, low body temperature, and slow or irregular breathing. ?Always remember to party safely; only jackasses drink and drive!

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