How to Pick Up Women and Groceries at the Same Time

The Grocery Store Is A Fine Place To Meet Women

I?ve never been a big fan of going out just to pick up women. This creates a feeling of pressure, and is very time-inefficient (and anyone who knows me knows I?m all about efficiency).

If you are finding it difficult to make time to go out and socialize, or you always see women at the grocery store but don?t know what to say, what I?m about to tell you is essential to meeting more women.

One thing you may not know is that women actually fantasize about meeting men at the grocery store. It?s a romantic story that a woman would like to tell her friends. Think about the difference between:

?I met this guy at the bar. He came up to me and told me I was hot, so I talked to him and gave him my number because he was cute.?


?So I was at the grocery store, in my sweats, totally in my own world. Then out of nowhere this really sweet guy comes up to me and asked me ?What?s for dinner?? It was totally cocky, but he had this really warm smile that just made the whole thing funny. Next thing I knew he was asking for my number. I hope he calls. I?ve never had a guy approach me like that!?

Let?s break this down. First of all, my number one piece of advice for meeting women anywhere is to be really warm. You can ask her any boring question with a really warm, loving expression and it will come off attractive.

The Trick To Being In A Great Mood

This can be difficult if you are running errands and not really in a great mood. So here?s the trick to get in a warm, positive mood: Let her beauty make you happy!

Most guys look at attractive women and get a ?wolf look? on their face. This is no good. I?ve had gay guys look at me with the predatory look, and it is NOT flattering. It?s scary! When you see a cute girl at the grocery store, try saying a mantra in your head, to get you in the mood:

?Wow. What a beeeeautiful woman!? And let your face light up.

So, make sure you have a warm facial expression, and a calm upright posture. Then say something light and flirty ? in other words, indicate that you think she?s attractive, but don?t come on too strong. Some examples:

– ?So what?s for dinner?? This implies you?d like to have dinner with her, showing your interest.

– ?A cute woman who actually cooks! Cool points for you.?

– ?I?ll have to come here on (whatever day it is) more often. I never see cute women here.?

– ?You just might be the prettiest girl I?ve ever seen in the produce section.?

You can also try something totally innocent, like asking her if she knows how to boil a lobster, and then transitioning into small talk about each other?s lives. Here?s an example:

You: ?Hey do you know which cut is more tasty ? New York strip or Porterhouse??

Her: ?I think porterhouse but I?m not sure.?

You: ?Oh ok?I?m having some friends over and I?m in charge of the grill, but to be honest, my grill skills are a little sketchy haha.?

Her: ?Haha yeah that?s something a guy should know.?

You: ?Yeah I?m working on it. I?ll work on my skills and maybe cook something for you.?

Her: ?Oh yeah? I don?t even know you!?

You: ?Let?s fix that. I?m (your name). So are you from the area??

In a situation that is not inherently social (i.e. not a bar, club, or class), any kind of conversation you have with a woman will have a romantic edge to it. The real challenge is to get over your own anxiety. Do this by keeping it simple, showing women you think they are attractive, and having a conversation to learn about who they are as people. This is the natural way, and what works in the real world.

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