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Living like a Ladies’ Man On a Budget

Top 4 Ways to Maximize Your Assets

You don't need a bunch of dough to be a ladies man

They say pimpin? ain?t easy?well it ain?t cheap either. If you want to spread your love all over town, get ready to spread your wallet all over town, too. As you bounce around your city?s nightlife, set up dates, and woo some awesome ladies, you?re going to learn that the best things experiences in life are not free. Forget keeping up with the Joneses?worry about keeping up with Cupid.

But fear not nascent ladies? man, I feel your fiscal pain. My hard-earned dollars once flew out of my hands too as I learned to navigate the turbulent terrain of modern dating. After one too many mornings of waking up next to beautiful a woman ? and a bouquet of crumpled ATM receipts ? I discovered a few secrets to minimize cost while maximizing gains. Here?s a top 4 list that would please both Don Juan and Gordon Gekko?

4: Learn to Cook Just 3 Dishes

The secret skill to an amazing cheap date is three simple words: learn to cook. The lost art of cooking is such a simple and effective way to hook-up with babes, I can?t believe TSB doesn?t have a recipe section. Most guys shy away from cook because they?re intimidated by being awesome; although, nothing is easier than learning 3 simple dishes to cook for a nice candlelit dinner. My 3 go-to meals are:

1. Lemon braised chicken cooked in white wine
2.?Pan seared mustard-crusted salmon
3.?Mussels served in creamy white broth

Home-cooked dinner dates cost no more than 10-15 bucks and are the most effective way to wow a woman.

3: Your Place = Hottest Club in Town

If your apartment isn?t a cooler place to hang out than any bar or nightclub in town, you?re not harnessing your most obvious asset. Chances are, you?ll seduce very few women while out on the town; yet, so few guys think to make ?the club? their house or apartment. If you stock your place with cool games, activities, drinks, vices, and toys, there will be no reason to stay in some over-crowded nightclub when you and your girl could you ?poppin? bottles? at your Members-only Club. Some awesome things you?ll find at ?Club Rob? are:

1.?A French wine ?collection? (actually a bunch of 4 dollars bottles of wine in a Target wine rack
2.?A hookah pipe
3.?Blender and margarita ingredients
4.?World-class DJ (my iTunes mix)

2: Find Offbeat Activities and Make them Awesome

Guys who spend too much money on dates can chalk up their wastrel ways to paying an ?uncreative tax.? If you apply a little creativity to the stuff to do in your neighborhood, you can find awesome activities for you and a new lady friend.

Case-in-point, near me there?s a tram that transports commuters to a small island across the river. Most people would just regard this as ?mass transit,? but I claim it?s a ?sightseeing tour to an exotic land.? If you can make something mundane sound totally awesome and fun, you create memorable activities out of very ordinary (and cheap!) activities. So keep your eyes peeled and your creativity inspired.

1: Barter with Other Guys

Most guys whine over the costs of transportation to a nightclubs or how they hate paying cover admission to a hot venue. These whiners don?t realize that they can barter with other guys to offset these costs. In every city, there are guys who want to improve their success with women, but want a mentor. Even if you?re not an expert yet, you can still offer these guys motivation or incentive to go out and approach women.

For example, when I first started learning to be successful with women, I offered to pay a local master pickup artist?s bar tab if he took me out and helped me get over my approach anxiety. Having an incentive to approach women was well worth the 30 dollars I shelled out to get this guy tipsy.

Likewise, if you post on your local lair forum a barter deal offering to spend an hour or so helping a newbie guy in exchange for transportation or admission cover, you?ll be pleasantly surprised with how many guys take you up on your offer. Bartering is a win for you, win for the newbie guy, and a win for your wallet.

>>>To Learn More From Rob,?Check Out “The 4 Elements of Game” where he breaks down game into four simple adjustments.


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