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How to Approach the Most Beautiful Women

It?s Easier Than You Think

You?re walking down the street, minding your business, on the way home from work. You turn the corner, and boom! There she is, the woman of your dreams. Your jaw drops and your mind goes blank. You can?t believe she?s real. And just as fast as she came into your life, she?s gone. Your mind is racing for something to say. You turn around, and with a feeling of sadness, frustration, and regret, you see watch her disappear in the distance.

Beautiful women are incredibly intimidating to ALL men, even guys who are rich, good-looking, or famous. Except for rare exceptions, most men have the tendency to get scared of beautiful women, instead of getting excited by them. This is due to a few misunderstandings when it comes to the most beautiful of women.

Here are the biggest misunderstandings I see, and have overcome in my personal life.

– Beautiful women have tons of options, with the best looking, successful men chasing after them. In fact, she?s probably already taken.
– Beautiful women are also very pure, good people, and extremely witty. Their personalities are equivalent to their looks.
– To attract beautiful women you must impress them. And the way to do this is by being funny, smart, confident, rich, and good-looking.

Looking at These Misunderstandings

First of all, the most attractive women rarely get approached. As you feel intimidated, so does every other guy, no matter how confident he is otherwise. When these women do get approached, the man is either:

– Crazy (he doesn?t experience social anxiety because he is a little ?off?)
– Drunk (liquid courage is the only way he can talk to attractive women)
– Cocky (he thinks he?s God?s gift to women, or is pretending to be)
– Nervous out of his mind (he?s not just a little nervous, he can?t even remember his own name)
– Obnoxious but cowardly (shouting crude comments from the safety of his car)

So there?s your competition. In fact, the number one thing I?ve heard from the most beautiful women I?ve dated is that all they want is for a guy to be normal and comfortable with himself.

In fact, when I approached a former Playboy Playmate of the Year at the airport, I was very nervous (I did remember my own name), the first thing she said was:

?It?s so refreshing to have a guy just come up and talk to me. Just a minute ago when I was going through the security line, all these guys were staring at me in such a creepy way. Do you want to sit with me??

Now I didn?t know she was a Playmate of the Year, but she was breathtaking. To think that she never got approached was mind-boggling. And the irony is all she wanted was a guy to come up, tell her she was beautiful, and have a normal conversation.

How do you have a ?normal? conversation with a woman who is abnormally beautiful? Don?t try to impress her! Seriously. Make absolutely no effort to look cool. Instead, make fun of yourself, and focus more on her ? be curious about who she is as a person. What are her interests, goals, hopes, fears, and opinions on everything under the sun.

A man that can do this is truly impressive, not only because he is different from every other awkward clown, but because his standards are such that physical beauty is not enough. Trust me, she has been waiting for a guy to explore her mind.

You can be that guy.

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