Pickup Lines That Actually Work

A New Way To Look At Them

?If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me??

Ahh the old pickup line?

There?s a strange assumption men make when it comes to meeting women: that you need to have something interesting or clever to say, otherwise she won?t want to talk to you. I?m not sure where or when this idea got started, but in my experience, it?s just flat out wrong.

Any ?expert? who tells you that you must plan out what you are going to say to a woman is a complete fraud and has absolutely no idea what really matters when meeting attractive women. The reason why planned scripts or ?lines? don?t work is because they communicate the opposite message that you want to send to a woman. In other words, you are doing the exact opposite of what you should do to attract women.

A “Sense of Humor”

This is because women aren?t looking for wit or cleverness right away. Sure, women like a guy with a sense of humor ? in fact, this is often the first thing they mention when discussing traits they look for in a man. But look closer at the phrase, ?sense of humor.? It means you have an awareness of what?s funny in the world.

In other words, you are not the source of humor. You are simply able to laugh and point out funny or unexpected things in the world. It also means you are able to laugh at yourself. It does NOT mean that you must entertain women in order to date them.

So now that you understand the difference between being witty, and having a sense of humor, let?s re-examine the issue of pickup lines. Women are first looking for authenticity, not wit. A woman?s first impression of you is based on whether or not you are being ?real.? Women are bombarded by men putting on acts ? pretending to be someone they are not. Because of this, women have a ?dishonest radar? that goes off as soon as you seem fake or insincere.

So how does this apply to breaking the ice with an attractive woman? Instead of planning out what you say, say something simple and honest right away. Don?t think too much, because the more you plan out your ?line? the more scripted it will seem. And trust me ? women can tell.

When I see a woman I?d like to meet, my mind usually goes blank and all I can think about is how attractive she is. So this is what I use to start a conversation ? I tell her what I noticed about her ? what I?m attracted to. Now if it?s her breasts or ass, I will simply tell her she looks great (as direct as I am, I?m also respectful).

Here are some simple, honest things you can say to start a conversation with a woman. And remember ? less does more when it comes to meeting women.

?Wow, you look great tonight!?
?I like how you did your hair.?
?That dress looks great on you.?
?You are too cute ? I can?t even think straight around you.?
?I like your smile/laugh.? What?s your name??

Keep it simple, honest, look her in the eye, and smile. After all, if you?re working too hard, dating is no fun?and isn?t having fun the point of it all?

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