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5 Questions About Day Game, Ultra Fast Lays, and Sticking Points with Chris Orleans

Today I?ve got a special ?5 Questions? interview with a guy by the name of . has been teaching professional men how to seduce women for going on five years. His methodology focuses on teaching you how to be the man women can?t help but swoon for rather than just acting like it. Visit:

1. What piece of advice did someone give you that really helped you overcome a sticking point?

To narrow it down to one piece of advice would be a slap in the face to the multitude of nuggets from multiple people that have helped my game progress. There is so much you can learn from everyone around you directly and indirectly. Several things have had a huge impact on my game such as logistical tactics, sexual escalation, going direct and mindsets.

But I do have a story about the most memorable sentence I?ve ever heard that sums up a big part of the game for a lot of guys.

This last summer I met a natural (let?s call him Greg) and we got to talking about girls and the differences and similarities between what we both do. He told me a story about his grandfather who apparently had experienced a terrible hunting incident when he was a teenager that left him sexually ? incapacitated.

One night when Greg came home his grandfather was there and asked him if he had been talking to women that night. Greg replied no and his grandfather scoffed at him and said ?Well shit boy? you gotta put lead in the air if you want meat on the table!?

Incredibly simple but it applies to every aspect of game. If you want to make something happen you have to do something about it. Without a game plan in place and the balls to move forward you are going to be going home hungry.

2. What do you think the secret to your day game success is?

About two years ago I did a successful street approach and I became obsessed. To me the rush and the reward were both too great to ignore. I started analyzing all the different elements and psychology behind the street approach on top of pushing myself to consistently be approaching when opportunity struck.

A few months later I began running the day game programs, furthering my studies into the intricacies of it. And for the last two years that?s become a cornerstone of my training and programs for the fast development of someone?s seduction prowess.

There is a lot of micromanagement involved in day game but to simplify it for the readers in the form of ?my secret to success? it really all boils down to being direct, warm and playful. If you can project those three qualities during your approaches then you will experience success with cold approaches outside of bars.

3. You?re known as a guy who gets ultra fast lays. What mistakes do guys make that prevent them from scoring fast lays?

First mistake most guys make is they talk too much. What do you think you?re going to accomplish through words that you can?t do with more impact through your touch, eye contact and expressing desire through your actions? Verbal game is important to have in your tool belt but standard conversation has no place in quick pulls. Every word must be chosen to direct the interaction in the right direction.

Secondly, most guys miss the opportunity. Either they lock her into a sexual state and don?t do anything about it (because of a lack of preparation or testicular fortitude) or they play coy thinking they?re being cocky funny, but really all they?re doing is creating more games then necessary. Creating a sexual experience with a girl is about removing the different masks we wear until there?s nothing left but our naked bodies. By creating more games and content you?re adding to the layers that we have to eventually take off. Quick pulls are not about games; they?re about being bold, sexual and ready to make it happen when the golden moment comes.

As with any opportunity most guys are hesitant to risk losing the girl. They won?t take a big bold step required because it seems too risky and they end up missing the moment. Without the risk there is no reward, especially if your goal is to escalate to intimacy quickly. You have to be completely detached from the outcome otherwise you?re going to miss your chance.

Another mistake guys make that I referred to in the last point is the lack of preparation. Preparation is essential to quick lays as 50% of the problem that needs solving is logistics. Back alley? Bar bathroom? Backseat of your car? You need to have somewhere close to provide a private location for intimacy so that you don?t have to go through massive state breaks in order to get her alone.

I could go on all day about mistakes guys make in fast lays but I?ll leave you with this. Pull the trigger. How many times have we heard the story about the guy who spends too long talking to a girl who?s into him only to watch her walk away and get pulled by some other guy after 15 minutes? The opportunity will not always be there for a fast pull, it?s very hit or miss, but you always have to be ready and willing to take that swing to smash the ball out of the park otherwise you?re just going to end up striking out.

4. Can you give one technique they can test out tonight to help improve the reaction they get from women?

I?ll give you guys a really simple one. Doesn?t matter if you?ve used it before and dropped it, heard of it and never tried it or have just never really thought about it because this is something that should be in everyone?s arsenal.

After opening say to her, ?So, what?s your story?? She will probably respond with something along the lines of ?What do you mean?? to which you can reply ?Well ? I have a story ? I?m sure that guy over there has a story ? what?s your story??

Sit back, shut up and let her pour details out for you. Seems elementary but there are a lot of different things going on.

First of all, you?re demonstrating an interest in her and what she has to say, but at the same time you?re giving her an opportunity to impress you at which point you can follow through with proper qualification and reward to spark more physical contact. Additionally, you?re giving yourself a multitude of threads to which you can bounce around creating a dynamic conversation.

I know it sounds stupid but it?s an extremely easy way to transition and create the proper frame. Obviously it won?t make her pants disappear but if you?re relying on a technique to do that ?

5. Can you tell us about your system or what you teach your students that separates you from other instructors?

My tag line is ?High Impact Dating?? and a lot of guys ask me what that means. My simplest explanation is that for the last 8 years of being a student and teacher of the game I?ve been trying to cut corners. Every step along the way I try to figure out what?s necessary and what?s not and what I?ve come up with is a simple set of systems for both day and night that anyone can learn and begin using immediately.

Lowest effort for the maximum result is the policy that rules my curriculum and because the systems are so simple it means that there?s less time sitting in a classroom zoning out in front of a white board and more time in field getting practice and busting through your sticking points. Call it practical pickup, I just call it sensible training.

Finally, unless it?s a special event I don?t do group boot camps. After dealing with hundreds of students I realized that it?s impossible to create the kind of change in my clients that they desire while in a group setting. Therefore all my training is done one on one to maximize the time together and personalize the program to fit the needs of every individual.

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