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Just about every single guy out there wants to have more sex. To the average, normal guy, dating is really about sex. I don?t mean that?s all a guy wants. Men want to feel an emotional connection just like women do. But initially, a man is interested in a woman because he wants to sleep with her. If you are dating a lot of women, but having trouble when it comes to actually getting intimate, this article is for you.

Make sure to touch

Sexless dating can be the most frustrating thing in the world. You take a woman out to dinner, spend a ton of money, and devote your entire evening to courting her. At the end of the night, you get a sweet kiss, or nothing at all.

If sounds like a scenario you are all too familiar with, you are probably not escalating physically. One of the main strengths of DiCarlo Coaching is that we focus heavily on the physical aspect of meeting and dating women. You must touch her, and be good at it.

So let?s talk about touch and how to use it to consistently escalate to sex. There are three levels, or classes of touch to help guide you. Each class refers to an area or zone of a woman?s body. You should touch a woman more and more in each successive class, as you interact with her.

Class 1: her arms and hands
Class 2: her torso and legs (excluding her butt and inner thighs)
Class 3: her hair, neck, and face

Types of Touches

So when you first meet a woman, you should touch her lightly, every so often, on her arms, as you tell a story, or listen as she talks. Make sure your touch is relevant to the conversation. So if you are making a point, lightly touch her on her forearm to emphasize the emotion you are expressing. I call this ?Expressive Touch.?

Another kind of touch is ?Protective.? You can touch a woman on her back, or take her by the hand, to guide her to move. Women love it when a man touches their lower back to guide them where to go. If you are at a bar, you can put your arm around her waist as people walk by, protecting her body from being bumped.

Another great way to touch is with ?Appreciation.? You can do this by stroking her hair, or caressing her jawline. Obviously this is a more intimate touch ? something you?ll do when the two of you have privacy or are sharing a romantic moment. When you do this, look her in the eyes. From here it?s really easy to kiss her.

When a woman feels like you know how to touch, that you care about her safety, and you are genuinely interested in her mentally and physically, she will want to sleep with you. Coming up to your place no longer sounds scary or awkward, but enticing!


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