The 3 Types of Girls You Will Meet in a Bar

And What To Do With Them

?I?ve just come out to chat to my friends?

?I?m just here for a girls night out?

?I?ve just come to this club to dance??

Sound familiar?

Girls use these common excuses on men to explain why they are dressed up in a body tight dress whilst in a nightclub that is filled with heterosexual men, I know, because I have used these excuses myself!

But why are women going to clubs filed with horny guys if all they want to do is to talk to their friends or dance to the music?


Let?s be honest here, if I want to just dance and enjoy the music, and have zero intention to have men try it on with me, then I will go to gay club. Gay clubs are filled with hot heterosexual women, who genuinely just want to let their hair down and dance. These girls really don?t want men to approach them, and genuinely just want to dance and have non-sexual fun. (Picking up girls in gay clubs will be explained in a blog post for another time.)

If a girl wants to catch up with her female friends and wants to avoid the opportunity of having men chat them up, then they either meet for lunch or they have dinner together in a restaurant.

Whenever I need to really have a good old gossip and catch up with one of my female friends I would NEVER suggest meeting in nightclub! Loud music, lots of men, and big crowds do NOT make ideal circumstances to have a conversation with an old friend.

So why do women dress proactively and knowingly go to clubs that are full of single men wanting to get laid?

Let me start by answering this question by giving you the three main types of women who do this:

The Woman in Love

The first is the woman who is in a relationship and GENUINLEY has no intention of cheating on her boyfriend. She goes to these clubs, for 2 reasons:

1: Because her female single friends have begged her to come out and join them.
2: Because they want to receive some male attention. Although they might be in a loving relationship with a guy they would never cheat on, they still need to know that they are attractive to other men (in other words- AN EGO BOOST)

These women are hard to game, NOT IMPOSSIBLE, but if you want a same night lay, then this target is the most difficult one out of the three.

The Empowered/Horn Woman

The second type is the girl who has gone out that evening with the full intention of sleeping with a hot sexy guy. She feels empowered, horny and has the full back up of her sexually liberated girl friends?GIRL POWER! (And all the rest of that shit.) If you want to sleep with a girl from this category, then seriously, you need little or no game.

The Potential Date Seeker

The third type is more important, as they make up around 85% of the women who go to nightclubs. These are the girls who don?t necessarily want to sleep with a guy that very same night, but instead, they DO want to guarantee future dates!

They have not ruled out the idea that they will sleep with a guy that very same night but their main intention is to find men who are good enough to take them out to dinner, a movie etc and see where it will go from there.

This will be your main target (as this is what is most common) and in my next blog post I will explain to you what you need to know and do in order to increase your chances of securing a one-night stand with a girl from this category.

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