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About Kezia Noble Kezia Noble is the worlds leading female pick up coach. Kezia makes sure that all her students get a powerful and HONEST insight in to the female mind. Kezias reputation of being the bitch with a heart’ is something she does not dispute, in fact she believes the description fits her tough love teaching methods well. Learn at


    How to Get a Same Night Lay

    img Posted January 14, 2011

    Getting Over The Next Obstacle In my last blog, I explained how you can get a woman to trust you and accept the fact that you are not some sort of a crazy guy who she can?t trust ...


    Proving She is Safe With You Later On!

    img Posted December 29, 2010

    The Important of Safety So in my last blog post, I spoke about the three types of women who go to night clubs, and how you can help maximize your chances of sleeping with them tha ...


    The 3 Types of Girls You Will Meet in a Bar

    img Posted December 14, 2010

    And What To Do With Them ?I?ve just come out to chat to my friends? ?I?m just here for a girls night out? ?I?ve just come to this club to dance?? Sound familiar? Girls u ...

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