The Easy Way to Ask a Woman Out

No Need To Make It Complicated

When you ask for a woman?s number, think about what you are really doing. Are you getting something, or offering something?

To most guys, a phone number, or email, or whatever, is an achievement in itself. It?s like a miniature victory. But guess what? That phone number is free, and she gives it out all the time if she has any sort of social life. It?s a number she has memorized, and it doesn?t really mean anything ? she may or may not answer her phone when you call.

Getting her number is only step one

And yet men act like it?s some sort of achievement if they get a woman?s phone number. The real achievement is when she actually meets up with you. But even then, I wouldn?t call it an achievement. Men and women are supposed to get together. In my opinion, there?s nothing really that impressive about meeting women or sleeping with them. It?s just a natural thing that people do. I never brag about picking up a woman or sleeping with her. If anything, it?s weird when I don?t end up sleeping with a woman that I pursue.

The reason a lot of guys struggle in their dating lives is because they are trying to ?get? or achieve something when they approach a woman, or ask for her number. This is because they don?t realize what?s actually going on. You see, when you approach a woman, get her number, go on a date, or go to bed, you are actually offering something to her.

What Are You Offering?


More specifically, you are offering your time, your attention, your body. Think about your job ? you get paid to do something ? either hourly, on commission, or however. Your time is valuable. Your attention is worth something. And even if you?re in college or in between jobs, your time is still valuable.

So when you get a woman?s number, you are actually offering to take time out of your week to call her, to pay attention to her (and we all know that women crave attention from men, as men crave attention from women).?? The same is true when you ask her out.

The problem is that men forget, or never realize this. And thus, women forget it too. That?s why it?s important to remind a woman that you are offering something nice, not trying to take something away from her. You aren?t getting her number, you are offering to call her!

When you want to ask a woman for her number, or ask her out, give her a reason beyond the fact that she?s pretty. Women want you to like them for their personalities. So tell her you like talking to her, that she?s sweet, that she seems cool or interesting, and that you?d like to give her a call.

This simple, subtle shift in your language, and your thinking, will make all the difference. Women will value your attention much more. She?ll get excited when you actually do call, because she realizes how lucky she is to have a confident man paying attention to her!

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