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Avoid These Four Bar Mistakes

Or Prepare To Get Blown Out

Have you ever been blown out on a night out? This use to happen to me on a regular basis. I used to make the same mistakes over and over.

Why? Because I didn?t even realize I was doing them.

It was only when I went out with someone who was good with women that I realized that I was making a few mistakes that were killing attraction with women. These were things he picked out in my particular interactions.

Soon he was telling me some of the worst mistakes you can make in a bar situation. Now I am going to share these with you. These are the sort of things that once I got sorted my ability to meet women in clubs sky rocketed – and yours can too.

Here are the 4 mistakes that happen in a bar situation:

1. Offering to Buy Her a Drink

Big no-no at the outset. Guys seem to think that buying a drink will show a girl that you are this friendly, generous guy who they should be with. Wrong. They will see you as a guy who is trying to buy their attention.

Unless they find you physically attractive or you come across as a cool guy (hard to do when buying a drink off the bat) they will most likely accept the drink and carry on with their night without you.

Remember some girls might get bought up to 10 drinks a night by other guys so you buying her a drink will not set you apart from the others. So don?t do it…

2. Being Boring

I read somewhere recently that you can?t bore a girl into liking you. I know Bobby Rio himself tells you to avoid boring small talk, and with good reason. When you first talk to a girl you don?t want to come across boring otherwise you are gonna get blown out.

Let?s say you have been talking to a girl for a while about a TV show, maybe ?House? for example. However, because you didn?t delve into what she likes, you didn?t realize she hates this show. The chances are you will bore the girl to death.

That?s if she is polite and doesn?t make up some excuse after the first five minutes of talking to you.

Therefore make sure you find out what she likes and then talk about those things. Little tip, make sure that it?s something you like as well otherwise it?s gonna be a long hard night – and not the good type. 🙂

3. Coming Across Weird

Stay away from the creepy stare

What do we mean by ?weird?? Everyone thinks of weird in a different way. However there are certain things that are guaranteed to cause a blowout when trying to get a girl at a bar.

Couple of examples:

– Invading the poor girl?s personal space too much. Girls need their space, especially if they don?t know a guy that well. Getting all up in her face to quick can really put a girl off. You can touch her, sure, but don?t overdo it and crowd her. And don?t lean in. Make her lean in to you if she can?t hear.

– Sitting and staring at her without going up and talking to her. If she sees you staring at her constantly, she is going to think you are some weirdo who has not got the balls to approach her. Women do like attention, but they like the right sort of attention such as guys talking and dancing with them, not staring at them.

4. Lack of Confidence

Women want guys who show confidence. They want a guy to walk up to them and talk to them/interact with them.

Women dress nicely to compete with other women (including their friends) for male attention. Therefore it?s obvious they want to approached by guys. That?s the whole point for most women when going out, even the girls who have boyfriends.

The good news is, if you approach a girl then you are already showing confidence right off the bat. So most of the hard work has been done for you. Just maintain it.

Final Thought

Sometimes knowing what you shouldn?t do can really help improve your success rate. Guys sometimes seem to focus on things that build attraction even though they do a lot of things that have the opposite effect. If you?re taking one step forward and two steps back during interactions then you?re never going to get anywhere.

By knowing what you are doing wrong, and then removing these behaviors, you will vastly improve your interactions with women and get more numbers, dates and ?sexy-time? in the end.


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