Six Keys to Getting Good With Women

How To Get It Done

There are six things that I really think you need to do to get good–

1. Grow Balls
2. Be willing to change
3. Find brutally honest people who are better than you
4. Listen to them and actually change
5. Go out 3 -5 times a week
6. Keep a journal


Every step of the way while you?re learning pickup the short answer to probably 95% of the questions I?m asked is ?Grow a pair and just do it.?

Get some brass balls

Any tips for opening? How do I go for the make out? How do I take her home? How do I get her on a date? Get some balls and do it. You don?t need a new opener, more peacocking gear, more routines, more state, woooo, intent, etc. You just need to do it.

Woody Allen is right, 80% percent of success is showing up.

Be Willing To Change

This is probably the hardest and most important thing.

What you were doing wasn?t working. Not only was it not working but it wasn?t working to the point where you?re reading ebooks, posting on forums, and spending money on bootcamps.

I meet guys who have been doing this shit for years and never get good. They?re not willing to change. Maybe they should grow balls and just do it.

Find Someone Who?s Better and Honest

While I was learning this and still today I?ve always been friends and liked to hang out with people who were better than me. It started out just having someone who could push me to open, then Puzzler taught me how to plow and pull the trigger, Entropy taught me ?inner game,? Saffron taught me party game and how to make a social circle, El topo taught me how to convey my sexuality, Mr. Awesome taught me a lot about fashion, Sinn has probably been the biggest influence on me because we share a similar story, etc.

I?d also like to think they got something from me, even if it?s just friendship and loyalty. It?s a two way street.

And honesty is easy. Just put your ego aside and ask for it.

Listen and Change

Pretty simple here. Grow balls and do it.

Go out 3 – 5 times a week

Less than three and guys tend to just stay at the same level and not get worse. More than five than pickup takes over your life. Three or four is sort of a sweet spot.

I?d say around more than half of the guys in the community could get good and be able to leave the community if they just go out 4 nights a week for a year and change what needs to be fixed. Add some professional training from someone who knows what they?re doing to the mix and I think the number is about 80% of all the guys in the community.

Keep a Journal

Track your sets and see what is working and what isn?t. I found trends in my day game sets by looking at my journal. Captain Jack discovered that Strawberry Fields was awesome by looking at his journal and seeing he ran it with every girl he same night laid.

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