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The Vegas Survival Guide

How To Win An Extended Weekend

Everyone needs to make at least one Vegas trip in their life. Chances are you will take many. It?s just an iconic activity in Western culture, from everything from ?The Hangover? to Frank Sinatra and Elvis.

But Vegas will burn you out, and fast. Over the years, I?ve taken a number of Vegas trips, for both business and pleasure, some of them forcing me to survive for up to 12-14 days at a time on the strip without killing myself, going to jail or blacking out. Here are some of my survival tips.

Because the abundance of night life opportunity in Vegas, your trip there can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. And since most people only go for 3-4 days, they go balls to the wall and drain themselves within 48 hours, dying to get back on the plane and leave. But if you pace yourself, you can actually milk it for an extended period of time.

Vegas is just another city. It?s a city with this weird wart called the Las Vegas Strip, where you can basically be as decadent as you want, whenever you want. But when you experience it as just another city, suddenly you don?t feel obligated to go nuts 24/7.

So with that, here are some tips that help me survive for almost two weeks at a time out there:

Don?t Overdrink

Keep it moderate

This one is crucial. Don?t ever get hammered two nights in a row, or else you?re cooked for the rest of the trip. I like to do one heavy night, one light night. Alcohol takes a giant toll on your energy, and if you plan on going out 5-7 nights a week or staying out for 8 hours at a time, you simply can manage to get drunk often. Not to mention drinks can run you $15+ a pop out there. Ridiculous.

A quick tip about drinks. Get to the club extra early, post up at a cheap Blackjack table ($10 per bet) and play enough hands to get 3-4 free drinks. Cash out after 20 minutes or so with your free drinks and head into the club.


Speaking of conserving energy. I know this sounds absolutely nuts, but use the gyms in the hotel. It does wonders for you. I know, typically when you?re in Vegas, you consider yourself ?on vacation? and who likes to exercise on vacation? Well do it. It?s worth it. It gave me a huge energy boost each day. I?d go out the night before until 5am, be up at 2pm, go for a run, and by 7pm that next night I was full of energy, ready to go.

Strip Clubs Once per Week/Trip

The gambling, free drinks and clubs will wear you away in Vegas, but it?s the strip clubs that will destroy you … and your wallet. Every time I?ve gone to a strip club in Vegas, I?ve ended up coming back after dawn and been completely dead the next day.

All Things in Moderation

Don?t try to cram 100 things into one day. Limit yourself to any two of the following per day: going out, drinking, gambling, seeing a show, strip clubs, taking a day trip (gun range, Hoover Dam, wherever). I noticed any time I did more than two of these things within the same waking hours, I felt it the next day and I’d get a bit burnt out.

If you?re going to gamble, pick an evening to gamble. Want to go out, then go out. Then skip the gambling and relax then go out and drink. Just don’t gamble/drink/go out/hit the strip clubs all in a 10 hour period. You?ll be fucked.

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