The 7 Most Common Style Mistakes You Could Be Making

And How to Fix Them

A lot of guys want to become more stylish. Sometimes, the thought crosses their mind and then disappears. Others wonder for a long time, but never find the answers to their style questions. Many times in my experience, men simply do not talk about it or they do not have the proper mentor-ship to assist them in their journey.

In this article, I want to at least make you aware of the mistakes that you could be making right now. In my journey interviewing very attractive women and top dating coaches, I found 7 most common reoccurring problems that guys face when it comes to style and clothing:

1. No One Tells You When You?re Messing Up

Advice is cheap, but no one wants to point out another person?s physical flaws. Your friends might make fun of your personality, but no one wants to tell another person that he has bad style. Even if someone says this to you, it is likely in an adversary tone instead of a constructive one. This is because most people can?t tell what good style is, and even the ones that can do not want to bring unnecessary burden on themselves for saying so.

It is therefore up to you to accurately and without bias, determine your current style status. What are you communicating to the rest of the world right now? Be honest. Post a picture on or a dating site to get real feedback from the real world. Only then can you move forward.

2. Fit, Fit, Fit

Over and over again, this piece of advice came up with our style coaches. Fit is the most important thing about clothing, because no matter how good a shirt looks in its design, it won?t look good on you if it is too big or too small.

Too tight jacket

Understanding fit means understanding your body frame, and the measurements that count ? your shoulder length, waist, leg length, etc. Certain brands have a medium that fits you, or have jeans that are measured within a certain range of length. If you cannot tell good fit from bad fit right away, try shopping with an attractive girl next time. She will be able to pinpoint whether certain clothes look fitted on you or not, as well as point out many other elements of style.

3. Outfit vs. Clothes

People tend to pick out one item of clothing as opposed to a whole outfit. ?Oh those jeans look amazing!? A nice pair of jeans can be versatile, but does it go with the white belt and the cowboy hat you just bought? Learn to put together an ?outfit? and learn to breakdown ?outfits?. (More on this in our?lookbook section).

Once you gain a strong understanding of outfits, you can then mix and match different parts of different outfits. Girls learn to do this at a very young age with Barbie, and nowadays all kinds of dress up games online.

4. Label Whores $$$

A lot of men think that dropping money will solve their problems. These guys are label whores, spending ridiculous amounts of money on brand name clothes, instead of taking the time to look deeper and learn the fundamentals of good style. They may look funny because all of their clothes look expensive, but ill-paired with one another. The whole outfit therefore looks whack. Don?t be a label whore, save yourself money.

5. Color Coordination

Certain rules apply to colors. Unless you are impersonating Michael Jackson, don?t wear white socks with black leather shoes. Avoid black T-shirts under the white shirt, and vice versa. Pick colors that match and blend well together, or offer a distinctive and beautiful contrast. The Seduce With Style Ebook covers the color wheel and how to mix and match colors to make it work for you.

6. Dressing For Work vs. Dressing For Women

A lot of guys reading GQ thinks that the suit and the gentleman look is great for attracting girls. This is not completely untrue. However, whereas men?s magazines adhere to social class and try to sell you on their advertised products, attraction fashion deals with other forms of style. The urban star, the rapper, the rockstar, all of these are sexual avatars that create instant attraction with women. Learning the principals of style attraction switches will allow you to put together a style that fits your character, and affordable on your wallet.

7. Congruence

Every guy that?s seeking to improve will go through a phase of adjusting to his new look. Do not let this bother you. Learn to rock it in the new clothes, and adapt to their new look and feel. Learn to add congruence over time. Avoid outfits that are incongruous to your core identity. For example, some guys will never look good in a cowboy outfit, while others might rather rock that instead of a formal suit.

Style is about self expression and communication, and good style means having a strong understanding of yourself and what you are communicating to the world.

Seduce With Style

If you want to learn more about building an attractive style for yourself and avoid these common style mistakes, check out my ebook, Seduce With Style. I have spent 3 long months putting together my years of knowledge on style and fashion.

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