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In this article, I?m going to get a little freaky, because that?s an area where men are falling short, it seems. I say this after talking to A LOT of women about their sexual experiences.

According to the women I?ve talked to, men are falling short in terms of their adventurousness in bed. This is something I get a lot of compliments on ? how I?m kinky and wild, but in a very fun way. I don?t try to be ?kinky? or ?freaky? consciously, but instead focus on expressing my passion, my desire, and taking a strong lead in the bedroom (or wherever we go at it).

There are two things women complain about that you can fix, with a simple mental shift, right now. First, you must be more dominant. Second, you must be more creative.


Have some fun

First of all, women complain that men aren?t dominant enough. Women like to be spanked, choked, have their hair pulled. But don?t do these things with a technical mindset. Don?t pull her hair as a technique to get a response. Instead, grab her hair because you think her hair is sexy and you want to gain leverage so you can get deep inside her.

If you are putting your hands on her neck, or grabbing her hips aggressively, do it to gain leverage on her body, and pull her close to you so you can go deeper. Grab her with passion, showing her how much she turns you on, how much you like her body.

If you slap her ass, do it because you want to see her jelly shake, and you love how thick and fat her booty is. If she is on her back, tell her to squeeze her tits together so you can watch them bounce.

Enjoy the fuck out of her.


Another complaint women make is that men don?t try enough new things. Creativity is not about planning, or trying out some technique you read in a magazine. Creativity is about expressing your impulses, in the moment. Say she walks past you in the hallway, and for a brief moment, you realize how much smaller she is than you. Pick her up, throw her over your shoulder, sit down on the couch, pull your dick out, and set her down on it. Tell her to bounce on you.

Sure, you are not doing anything specifically crazy ? it?s just girl-on-top position. But the way you did it ? spontaneously, dominantly, with great passion ? is what makes it creative and exciting. Take it to the next level. Put her on the floor, take your shirt off, and wrap it around her ankles. Hold her legs over her head by holding the tightly-wound shirt around her ankles. Pound the fuck out of her while you suck her neck and grab a fistful of her hair with your other hand.

You can see how creativity and dominance go hand-in-hand. A good way to remember the advice in this article is to express your dominance spontaneously and creatively. Use the environment, and your own impulsive desires to create a more dynamic, exciting sex life with your woman!

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