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Get Dates, Get Girls: An Interview with Sinn

“Probably the most important skill a guy can learn to improve his dating life,” Jon Sinn explained to me, “is to become a good date.” Perhaps that isn’t what you’d expect to hear from Sinn, the world’s number one rated pickup artist two year running and a guy whose reputation seems to be founded on cold approach pickup and same night lays.

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Indeed, much of Sinn’s understanding of the game come from his experiences in cold approach. Although, the former lead Lovesystems’ instructor makes an important distinction: “There’s a big difference between the skills you need to get attention and the skills you need to get laid.”

As he elaborated, Sinn equates “getting attention” to the essentials of a cold approach pickup (e.g., opening, generating attraction, how to deal with unresponsive women).On the other hand, getting laid means getting good at:

Properly moving a girl (e.g., bounce from one venue to another)
How to aptly qualify her
How to release physical touching to re-ignite sexual tension
Handling logistics (what Sinn believes “separates the men from the boys”)

These skills are what Sinn calls “attraction amplifiers”—they won’t create attraction, but they will amplify the attraction a woman already feels. Not realizing the difference between “attraction” and “attraction amplifiers” is why so many guys misapply seduction advice. “Stuff like cocky funny lines and disqualifies won’t create attraction,” Sinn emphasized. “In fact, when guys use that stuff before she’s attracted, it comes off as really creepy and try-hard.”

That’s why Sinn equates the skills to “get laid” with the importance of becoming a “good date.” He elaborated, “Girls show up to dates hoping it will go well. She’s already emotionally invested and attracted, so there’s no reason why you can’t close ninety percent of the dates you go on. Everything is within the locus of your control.”

Essentially, if a girl shows up to a date, she’s already attracted to you. From there, it’s more important to amplify that attraction rather than try to generate “more” attraction.

There are, however, moments where a woman’s attraction momentarily hits a lull. “On most dates,” Sinn said, “Women will withdraw from the interaction at some point. They do it to see if the guy is actually confident. They want to see if he can stay confident even without external validation.” This is a crucial moment on a date because, if mishandled, guys will appear needy as they try to rekindle the spark.

Such detours on the “Seduction Roadmap” are Sinn’s specialty. Not only does Sinn help men identify when these moments arise, he also gives easy-to-apply strategies to deal with them. “The only way to deal with attention removal is with attention removal,” he said. “If she suddenly becomes disinterested, you become even more disinterested.” To Sinn, it’s like a showdown at the OK Corral. Some simple ways to get a woman to reinvest during these lull moments are:

With body language, e.g., reorient your body positioning to face away from her
By letting the conversation drop, e.g., insert pregnant pauses, which bait her to reengage you
Look around the bar bored (personal aside, Zack Bauer and I used to pretend to check sports scores during these moments)
Go to the bar by yourself

Understanding the “terrain” of a date is crucial if you want a successful love and sex life. Sinn commented that the most common compliment he gets from girls is that he “always has a plan.” Everything Sinn does on a date is preplanned and locked in.

That way, he preempts all the logistical problems that could possibly arise while on the date. Some quick tips to dramatically improve the logistics of your future dates are:

Take a woman to 2 different venues. Sinn claims this alone with double your chances of getting laid on the date. He has years of experience to support this.
Always plan a date within “girl walking distance” of your place. Often girls come to dates wearing uncomfortable shoes, so you shouldn’t venture further than 3-4 blocks of your home.
Begin the date at your place, then leave. It’s an old school tip that still works: let a woman actually SEE your house right when the date begins. That way, when it’s time to pull her home, she feels more comfortable.

Having a clear “seduction roadmap” is an invaluable resource if you want to turn your dates to into lays, and want to turn girls you’re meeting into girls you’re dating. Like Sinn said, so much of seduction comes back to logistics, and dates are completely within the locus of your own control. Therefore, learn the terrain of a date beforehand and have a plan for when she shows up.

Sinn said one of the biggest problems most guys face in dating is they’re waiting to be told what to do. Women don’t want to be asked to make a decision on a date; they want to be swept into your plans. Sinn even cited a Shakira song, “I don’t really know what I’m doing/But you seem to have a plan.” That’s the essence of seduction.

This article only scratches the surface of what Sinn’s packed into his “Seduction Roadmap” course. The full training program covers everything you need to know on a date, from sexual tension to verbal arousal (with line-by-line examples). I’ve personally gone through the training program and give my highest recommendation.

Check it out by clicking on the link below:

= =>Learn more about The Seduction Roadmap

>>>To Learn More From Rob, Check Out “The 4 Elements of Game” where he breaks down game into four simple adjustments.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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