Four Ways Women Try to Attract Men

They Do It Too

Just as men try to attract women, women try to attract men. It?s important to understand what this really means as far as strategy. Both genders have the same strategy, applied in different ways. The goal is to attract the members of the opposite sex who are attainable, and to attract a lot of them.

This means that often people will limit how high they shoot as far as who they can ?get.? Also, this means that people try to attract the opposite sex passively, not through direct ?marketing.? In other words, women will do things that a lot of men will notice, instead of interacting directly with a handful of specific men.


They’re doing it for a reason

It?s funny how we tend to overlook how women dress because women using clothes to accentuate their bodies is so common-place. Men take it for granted if a woman wears tight jeans or a low cut shirt. The reality is that women are hyper-aware of their bodies and how they look to men. A woman?s self-image is inherently sexual – she sees herself as a man sees her. This means that everything she is wearing is deliberate, and somehow intended to express sexuality.

My favorite way to approach a woman is to tell her she looks great in whatever she?s wearing. I don?t say, ?Nice dress,? I say, ?You look nice in that dress.? And trust me, if she is wearing a sexy outfit, it?s because she?s hoping men will notice.


Makeup is the same as clothing. The more makeup, the more attention she?s hoping to receive. I personally like women who don?t wear much makeup, but if I see a woman with a bright shade of lipstick, I know that she put thought into making that choice for a reason. She is hoping to get men?s attention. If a woman is wearing a lot of makeup, it?s safe to say she?ll welcome your attention. Tell her how pretty she looks!


Women move their bodies to attract men through dance, through their walk, and many other more subtle ways. Women touch parts of their bodies they want men to notice, for example, a woman man rub her legs or ankles, or brush her hair away from her breasts. Sometimes it?s unconscious, but nonetheless, she is calling attention to her body so that you notice.

Don?t be shy – tell her you noticed her, or glance at a part of her body you like, and then look in her eyes and smile (and yes it?s ok to check out a woman?s breasts, just don?t linger disrespectfully).

Talking to Other Guys

This is common, and something that bothers a lot of guys. Don?t get jealous. If it seems like she?s talking to other men in front of you, it?s because she wants you to pay attention to her and try harder. Not all women do this – it?s a game. If this happens, ignore her when she is engaging other guys. Talk to other people, especially other women if possible. Let her come back to you, and be sure to ask her questions that get her talking when she engages you.

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